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Video Slots

Video slots can be great fun and the main attraction of these slot machines is that once you manage to hit the bonus feature they can result in a big win, the most popular bonus feature is the free spins round, this is where you are awarded a preset number of free spins with all wins being multiplied by x amount.

An informed slot player wishing to stand a chance of hitting these free spin bonus rounds knows that you are more likely to be awarded them on certain slots over another. This is based on the number of trigger symbols on each machines reels.

The following 5 Microgaming video slots we shall use as an example, Thunderstruck, Moonshine, Loaded, Ladies Night and Twister.

The chances of hitting the free spin bonus round is as follows:

Thunderstruck Slot 1 in 124
Moonshine 1 in 75
Loaded Slot 1 in 93
Ladies Night Slot 1 in 124
Twister Slot 1 in 80

So there you have it if you want to receive the most free spin bonus features your game of choice would be Microgamings Moonshine slot.

Forcing The Jackpot

There has been a lot of discussion mainly amongst UK slot machine players with the main topic of conversation being is it possible to force the jackpot on online slots. AWP (Amusement With Prizes) machines in the UK can be forced into paying out the top prize, and you do this by gambling every win you receive.

These gamble features either result in you winning or losing on a double or nothing basis, an the logic behind it is you will eventually win the jackpot by virtue of the slot machine having to pay its jackpot out to ensure it maintains its payback percentage that by law it must achieve.

This can be a risky proposition however as you never really know if the machine has already paid out the jackpot recently to a previous player, so to play this system online could be tempting fate.