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Rogue Casino, Blacklisted online casinos

Online casino players have, over the last decade, grown in numbers as have the number of online gambling sites each one eager to grab a market share of this action.

Due to the anonymous nature of the internet however this has led to both good and bad operations springing up, and this means players must at all times be on their guard against the alarming number of rogue casinos that have appeared. Post Topics / discussions about the worst online (rogue) casinos at our Casino Forums.

Experienced online casino players are no less likely to fall victim to these less than honest operators than novice gamblers, so with this in mind we have compiled what we think is the most definitive guide to help all players to spot and avoid potential rogue and blacklisted casinos that do not pay (all) winnings.

By taking a few simple steps and knowing what to look for you can greatly reduce the risk to your online gaming funds, and greatly enhance your online gaming sessions.

Rogue Casino Software

The very first thing you should check for when you have found an online casino you are possibly interested in playing at is what software company is supplying the "engine" that powers it.

You should at all times avoid a casino whose website doesn't clearly indicate which software company is powering it. This information is usually found at the foot of the casinos' website and often takes the form of a logo which should offer a direct link to the software providers website.

The big four online casino software providers are Microgaming, Playtech, Wager Logic and Real Time Gaming. There are however a couple of newer ones and this includes Rival Powered sites and Wagerworks.

If the software company isn't one of those mentioned you should be extremely cautious, as over the years several have sprung up and fleeced players out of hundreds of thousands of Dollars then vanished just as quickly as they appeared.

But does a casino that has a well known software provider powering it provide a safe haven for players?

Alas no, time has proven that even online casinos that come from even the most respectable software provider can and do turn into rogue casinos, with Real Time Gaming sites appearing to top the list for rogue casino numbers!

Latest Microgaming Rogue - blacklisted Casinos

  1. Grand Bay casino
  2. villa fortuna
  3. Bella Vegas Online Casino
  4. Jupiter Club - blacklisted
  5. Fortune Junction - blacklisted
  6. Lake Palace - blacklisted
  7. RoadHouse Reels - blacklisted

So with this in mind being powered by a leading online casino software company should only be looked at as one tick in a box of many qualities needed to be classified as a potentially above board and non rogue casino.

Avoid Rogue Casinos that are Licensed in Costa Rica, Belize for their casino software

Once you have found out which software provider powers the casino you should move your attention onto where the casino is licensed. This often throws up a whole host of far off lands who you may never have heard of or maybe wouldn't ever dream of setting foot in.

Being a fully licensed casino in a territory that is seen as respectable is only a small consideration as unfortunately most countries simply see selling online gambling licenses as a way of earning some easy money.

Most offer no player protection whatsoever and the common culprits include Antigua, Costa Rica, Belize, Venezuela and St. Kitts, if the casino is licensed here run a mile away from it as it is almost guaranteed to be a rogue casino.

Some countries have attempted to put in place a basic level of protection and some form of stringent terms and conditions attached to being approved and fully licensed by them.

The UK being a prime example, several other European states are also considering following the UK's lead in licensing online casinos and this can only be a good thing, with no reported rogue casinos so far being approved by them (but with them only licensing a handful so far that is no guarantee it won't happen someday!)

So far so good and just to review what we have said you should have been checking the casino software provider and the licensing jurisdiction. Let us now turn our attention to the other major points we should be checking out.

Rogue Casino deposit and withdrawal problems

This check always makes us smile, and it simply involves you seeing which deposit and withdrawal options are available for sending funds into and out of your casino account.

If the casino only has one or two options then this should be raising a red flag in your head, also if they offer e-wallets you may never have heard of this is another indication of a problem looming.

If they offer credit and or debit card deposits make sure they name the processor, as some rogue casinos employ unusual methods of ensuring they can get all card transactions approved and this often means them pretending to be a different type of online company.

It could be a pet shop, travel company they impersonate and if this is the case and their card processor is called something strange then say bye bye and exit that casinos website then pat yourself on the back as you have just saved yourself a lot of problems.

Player Complaints regarding rogue Casinos search online

You have one of the most powerful tools for spotting rogue casinos at you finger tips, and this is your keyboard. One surefire way of finding out if an online casino is rogue is to type the casino name into a search engine, the checkout what others have to say about it.

If you find pages and pages of player complaints regarding that casino then you once again should avoid it. If you can't find any negative posts or website messages regarding it then add another tick against the casino name.

Slowly but surely by following each and everyone of these steps you will negate or at least greatly reduce the chances of you stumbling into one of the many rogues casinos that sour the web.

So keep on reading and let's help you make a more informed decision on which online casino you should play at.

Rogue Casinos have no audited games and decent payouts

Several online casinos subscribe to third party payout percentage verification services who independently review, audit or verify the game payout percentages and/or random number generators.

Each month these reports are then dispatched and displayed on the respective casinos' website. This of course doesn't mean the casino isn't a rogue casino it does however mean they are at least making an effort to show their games return decent payouts.

But make sure the company who are behind these reports are a well known and experienced auditing company. If the reports are compiled by the casino themselves they are usually not worth the paper they are printed on!

Rogue Casino offering instant bonuses with high playthrough terms no way to cash out

Rogue casinos only want one thing, and that is your hard earned money, they are interested in nothing else and will do anything they can to get you to make a deposit.

One way they do this is by offering outrageously generous bonuses based on your deposit amount. We have seen some bonuses worth $1000's being given away by rogue casinos and time and time again the most gullible player will fall for this ruse.

They will of course in most cases credit you with this amazing bonus instantly, and once you have deposited you are in trouble. The terms and conditions attached to these bonuses are always either impossible to understand or written in such a way that the rogue casino can always amend and alter them as they see fit.

They will always amend these bonus terms to make it completely impossible for you to win anything from then and cash-out. The goal posts will be moved and moved until you finally realize even if you do win something you will never get paid.

So if a bonus offer looks too good to be true then it is. Most savvy online casino players tend to avoid taking bonuses to avoid them having to be restricted in what games they can play or having to play through the bonus and/or deposit x amounts of times.

Rogue Casino live support and email assistance is a hoax

Like attracts like and this is very true of support staff working at rogue casinos. Such venues employ cheap uneducated people to man their customer support centers which are usually not buildings set aside for this purpose at all.

Many work from home and have been trained in the art of talking nonsense and only saying what the customer wants to hear without a thought for whether it is true or not a true hoax.

Some rogue casinos offer no customer support at all and emails or telephone messages will go unanswered.

One way of checking if an online casino is rogue is to telephone them up or email them a few simple questions. If you call them and there is a dog barking in the background or a baby crying then that should be an indication of trouble ahead.

If you email isn't answered the same thing is true. If you do happen to receive a reply and it is not the answer to the question you asked or poorly written then avoid that site.

Also if the casino tries badgering you into depositing when you only wanted the answer to a simple question then give them a miss.

Another way to spot a rogue casino is once you visit their website a pop-up chat window opens and the support rep who is usually on commission starts annoying you with bonus offers, virtually begging you to make a deposit.

Late or slow payments by Rogue Casinos

This is one of the most common ways that rogue casinos operate, they will, once you make a withdrawal request then do one of several things to avoid or delay you receiving your funds (slow payments).

The first thing they could do is simply not process your cash-in, you may notice it sat in the cashiers section of the casino software in a "pending" state when eventually you inquire as to why it hasn't been processed they will then request a whole host of I.D documents from you.

This is where the fun and games will start as no matter how many times you fax or email copies of your I.D to them they will always claim they either haven't received them or they couldn't be read due to them being not clear enough copies.

They will then place your winnings back into your casino account in the hope that you will be tempted to continue to play them and by doing so they hope you will lose it all back to them.

Some rogue casinos also have a very low weekly or even monthly maximum on the amount you can withdraw, this amount will be so low as to possibly have you waiting months (sometimes years) to receive a relatively small amount.

If a casino doesn't offer fast no nonsense withdrawals then you must avoid them as they are more than likely poorly financed and are less likely to pay when you win or are very slow regarding payouts. These bad casinos leave you sit on the money which encourages you to make deposits you did not want to but you want to see something "happening".

Online Casinos Not paying, a Rogue Casinos will void your winnings

A new way that has emerged for rogue casinos to operate and one which is growing is for them to simply void the winnings of everyone who makes a cash-in. They will declare all your gaming action as void then simply offer you a refund of your deposit amount.

They will then eventually just give you the amount you deposited back and as such all winnings will be confiscated. The logic behind this is that they will stay "in the good books" of the e-wallets and/or card processors as you will be getting a refund but no winnings and they will not risk the processor being inundated with unhappy players, as by doing so sometimes the processor will drop them as a client.

The excuses given for voiding winnings can be anything, from them not liking your game-play to them not wanting to tell you why you are not welcome!

This as we mention is growing and it is critical that you do not get stung by this type of rogue casino, so keep your eyes and ears peeled and should you hear of any online casino operating in this way keep yourself far, far away from them.

Casino software show unfair game play at rogue casinos

There have over the years been several online casinos who have been found to be running rigged software. Players aren't stupid and once it is felt that they are being dealt an unfair hand groups often form to share their game-play and results.

Once faced with the evidence such casinos go into lock down and either shut-up shop and vanish or blame a software programming error.

Once again players should at all time protect themselves by ensuring that not only are they playing at one of the leading software providers online casinos, but should their gaming results be so far off the expected returns you should stop playing immediately.

Winning streaks come and go but if losses happen everytime you play then this is a possible indication of something being wrong.

Rogue Casinos are spamming players

Everyone hates receiving spammy emails and this is one of the main ways that rogue casinos will aim at attracting new players. The emails however are usually poorly written and offer a link to their website or worse still a simple download link

These emails should be ignored and trashed immediately. Sometimes however the rogue casinos will share and buy lists of players from other rogue casinos and then start bombarding you will emails that mention your name and look like personal invitations to brand new, or respectable online casinos.

No right minded, self respecting online casino would lower themselves to sending spam just to attract players so if you get these kind of emails offering you the earth should you deposit and play then ignore them and don't give them a second look.

Rogue Online Casino sends players cd's with no deposit coupons

A new way for rogue casinos to get new players is for them to buy a list of names and addresses and then they will send mail through the post which contains a CD of the casino software and a free-play coupon.

These coupons offer large no deposit bonuses in the hope of snagging the unsuspecting or novice player. Should you receive such mail throw it in the trash can straight away.

No good will ever come from taking a no deposit bonus from an unsolicited piece of mail, and worse still once they have your name and address you will often find yourself getting more and more of the mailings.

So never download, sign-up or accept free casino money offers that arrive unannounced through the mail.

Rogue Casinos phone new players to play

This has to be one of the worst ways that rogue casinos operate, and they often phone players at home or even worse at work and offer all kinds of bonuses to get them to make a deposit into their casinos.

 The bonuses are often so very tempting that players often agree and hastily make a deposit. But as the saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted.

If you ever get a telephone call from a casino you know things are not looking good as they will constantly harass you morning, noon and night will continuous offers.

This has led to some players having to change their telephone numbers or not answer calls from overseas or unknown numbers.

Never, ever agree to make a casino deposit on the strength of a telephone call, for if you do you will be added to their "mug" list which means you are easily fooled and an easy ride.

Rogue Casinos have bad sister sites with low percentage payouts

Unfortunately there is a lot of short term money to be made by running a rogue casino and as such many of them open up sister sites, often with totally separate names and websites in the hope they will trick players into thinking they are either new or sometimes associated with respectable online casinos.

By giving the casino name a similar sounding name to another whose reputation is impeccable they can often snare new players at an alarming rate.

So every casino you are thinking of playing at needs to be scrutinised very closely, more so if you think you may have heard good reports about them, as often it is a rogue casino pretending to be by virtue of a similar sounding name a good one.

Personal recommendations can play an important part in you not getting ripped off, and if you have a friend or relative who plays online casinos ask them where they have received the best levels of service and payouts etc.

Online Casinos that display fake awards while their gambling site is not approved

Some rogue casinos have built separate stand alone websites with names that make people think they are respectable organizations who either approve or give out awards to up standing, player friendly casinos.

They will then place a fake award or approval logo on their rogue casino website with a link to this site so unsuspecting players think they are dealing with a honest and award winning online casino.

This is common place and growing so always be on your lookout for this type of scam and they are often very cleverly designed and some effort has been made to make you believe all is good and well.

They often host such sites on the same server or even register the domain name as the same as the casinos so this is another red flag you should look out for.

Rogue Casino that charges double amounts on credit cards

This next point should install fear in the most resilient of online casino players. Some rogue casinos will once you have made a deposit then charge your credit or debit card again.

They do this in the hope that you won't notice and with most people never checking their bank statements this can often go undetected. You will make a deposit for say $100 but the rogue casino will charge you twice and only credit you for one.

You would be amazed at how often they do this to players and it can be a very rewarding scam for them to make. When a player notices they will blame a technical error and will credit this second deposit to your casino account.

But more often that not they get away with it, so this one point should be reason enough for you to avoid any casino you are not 100% sure of.

Rogue Casino bonus with maximum playthrough requirements

Some casino will partake in roguish behaviour by writing the terms and conditions of player bonuses in such a way that play through requirements can be rolled over into further deposits.

Say for example you deposit $50 and get a $50 bonus and then lose the lot, they will insist that their playthrough requirements on the bonus you received and lost extends into further deposits, so by carrying on and playing you have no chance to cash-in and win!

Some have even been known to sneak a small bonus into your account even when you didn't ask for one and this again means you are now at the mercy of their terms and conditions which have always been cleverly written to make itimpossible to win.

Some will also limit the amount you can win from their casino, and this amount can be no more than you have ever deposited with them! More often than not the amount they will allow you to win is maybe one or two times the total amount of all your deposits with them!

So as you can see this very sneaky way of adding bonuses or maximum cash-out amounts will greatly reduce or negate the possibility of you ever winning!

Avoid Casinos that offer a credit line to make you play more

Amazingly some rogue casinos will offer new players a line of credit! They will want your bank and credit or Debit card details and then give you several hundred Dollars to play at their casino with.

STOP! If any casino offers you a credit line and/or asks for you personal banking details then you need to get away from them as quickly as possible.

If you are foolish enough to provide them with such details or accept their credit line they will sink their claws into you and attempt to get as much money from you as they possibly can.

Some rogue casinos offer these credit lines as they know their software is rigged so you couldn't possibly win and by giving you money in advance they are at no risk of you winning and cashing out a profit.

If you can't afford to play don't, it is as simple as that. Set yourself a weekly or monthly gaming budget and stick to it, if you have a winning session cash-out and treat yourself or those around you.

Rogue Casino information, blacklisted gambling sites posted on forums a scams

To keep yourself one step ahead and to hopefully avoid you being taken for a ride by a rogue casino it is often advisable to keep yourself upto date by visiting some of the message boards and online casino orientated forums that are available.

Such places are ideal for exchanging news and information and it is by visiting such places that you will understand what casinos are pulling which tricks and allow you to avoid them.

If you find a casino that treats you well and pays out on time you should stick to that place and never be tempted to move onto another one simply due to them offering you some free money or a bigger bonus as more times than not such places will scam you.

Rogue Casinos - If you have been scammed - What can you do about this ?

It can be a humbling and often frightening feeling when you finally realise that the casino you may have been playing at is one of the many rogue casinos that are out there, and more often than not you will feel completely on your own and you won't know where to turn.

Sadly the one common thing most people will do is just write the loss off and move on, and this is one of the things people will do as it is often pointless trying to chase such rogue casinos as they won't respond to calls or emails.

If you have deposited by credit or debit card however it is sometimes possible to contact them and inform them you have been ripped off and instigate what is called a "Charge Back" the credit card company will then step in a recover the funds you have lost and return them to you.

This charge back option should only be done if you have genuinely been scammed and you have attempted to get the matter settled with the casinos, as often if you have made a charge back before you will find yourself possibly blacklisted  by many casinos who share the same processors.

If however you have used an e-wallet type payment method retrieving your funds will be much harder, and you should look to asking people who advertise for the casino if they will help you. Simply make a note of which website you saw the banner or link to the casino from and drop them an email.

Most respectable webmasters will be more than happy to help you if you have been having problems with any casino or poker site listed on their website.

Rogue Casinos - How to check it is a recommended or trusted online casino - If In Doubt

Well there you have it, a complete and we hope definitive guide to knowing how to spot most if not all of the rogue casinos that are out there right now in cyber space.

The best way of thinking when it comes to choosing an online casino that will live upto your expectations is, if in doubt don't play.

You gaming budget is your hard earned money and should be used to entertain, amuse and hopefully produce a profit by way of a winning session, never forget that.

It is not a cash cow that is there to be milked by a rogue casino. Make sure you choose wisely when looking for a new casino to patronize, it will take time a lot of effort but at the end of the day it will ensure you never fall victim to a shady operation.

There are dozens of fine upstanding and 100% fair and honest online casinos out there and when you discover them you know you are in safe hands.

You deserve the best and should demand it. Never rush to play online casinos, pace yourself, take your time and enjoy yourself.

What can be more important than finding safe online casinos? Please avoid the rogue online casinos below, they will ripp you off if you let them! As online gambling is very new compared to land based casino gambling, you would expect all casino operators are doing their best to ensure casino players get a fair treatment from casino support.

Unfortunately not all casinos are as good to go like Las Vegas in real. Yes they sound very attractive those free chips and big casino coupon bonus codes from these rogue RTG casinos.

The advertising for these casinos is massive and webmasters who join them for advertising revenue really do not care about players. We think this is sad, sure online gambling can mean that you loose money but if you do not play you can not win.

But if you win big time because you play for real money you need to be sure you will get paid in the end. Ever seen a big jackpot winner at an RTG casino ? Please let us know in our gambling forum.

Latest progressive jackpot winner is E. Klaus at BlackJack Ballroom Casino who won over 5,5 million in US dollars, cash!

If you join the bad casino sites listed below the chance you will have a payout dispute is fairly big. So stay away at all times!

Black listed RTG casinos

The blacklisted - rogue RTG casinos are:

  • Prism Casino $44 - no deposit bonus - coupon code 44free
  • Club Player Casino - coupon code - super 65
  • Cirrus Casino - $50 free chips
  • Cool Cat - $10 or $50 free casino codes
  • Palace of chance - $50 chip
  • Slots of vegas - casino coupons
  • Wild vegas Casino - coupon
  • Bet royale - no deposit required bonus
  • Virtual casino - $50 or more no deposit bonus
  • Vip Lounge Casino - $50 or $1000 no deposit needed coupon codes


You would think wow very attractive bonuses I can use to gamble and win some money.

Just look a bit longer and see the resemblance : all free money is from the same online gambling group.

Once you get the bonus and start to meet their high wager requirements you soon realize it is almost impossible to cash out.

Should you be so lucky and you think you hit the jackpot think again you just get some more credits and excuses why you will not get paid.

Do you really want to take that risk and gamble at rogue rtg casinos? There are numerous complaints and bad recommendations from players who could not cash out.

Do you want to be the next in line? Please visit our casino bonus forum to post your story - just a way to let other players know that they should avoid blacklisted casinos.

If you want to play at reputable rtg casinos please choose our rtg casino list and read information (new page) about RTG Casinos.

Thanks for your understanding.

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