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Microgaming Slots

The one major benefit of using a Microgaming Slots powered online casino is you have over 500 slot machines to choose from, and with such choice comes value.

The most popular and best paying slots in their progressive range of games include Mega Moolah, this slot was launched in a blaze of glory due to the fact that players can win, totally at random one of four progressive jackpots.

The Mini being the lowest in value and this typically pays around $10, the Minor is usually worth around $100 when hit, the Major which hits in the 10,000 to 30,000 range and then there is the Mega, this big boy has recently paid out a jackpot of $5.5 Million at Blackjack Ballroom Casino.

The best paying online slot in the Microgaming range by virtue of the number of winners has to be the Cash Splash Slot which was the worlds very first progressive slot linked to all Microgaming powered casinos.

More people have won progressive jackpots at Microgaming slots sites than  any other, and they have paid out over $225 Million to more than 6000 jackpot winners, with this number rising almost daily.

Video Slots

Video slots can be great fun and the main attraction of these slot machines is that once you manage to hit the bonus feature they can result in a big win, the most popular bonus feature is the free spins round, this is where you are awarded a preset number of free spins with all wins being multiplied by x amount.

An informed slot player wishing to stand a chance of hitting these free spin bonus rounds knows that you are more likely to be awarded them on certain slots over another. This is based on the number of trigger symbols on each machines reels.

The following 5 Microgaming video slots we shall use as an example, Thunderstruck, Moonshine, Loaded, Ladies Night and Twister.

The chances of hitting the free spin bonus round is as follows:

Thunderstruck Slot 1 in 124
Moonshine 1 in 75
Loaded Slot 1 in 93
Ladies Night Slot 1 in 124
Twister Slot 1 in 80

So there you have it if you want to receive the most free spin bonus features your game of choice would be Microgamings Moonshine slot.

Forcing The Jackpot

There has been a lot of discussion mainly amongst UK slot machine players with the main topic of conversation being is it possible to force the jackpot on online slots. AWP (Amusement With Prizes) machines in the UK can be forced into paying out the top prize, and you do this by gambling every win you receive.

These gamble features either result in you winning or losing on a double or nothing basis, an the logic behind it is you will eventually win the jackpot by virtue of the slot machine having to pay its jackpot out to ensure it maintains its payback percentage that by law it must achieve.

This can be a risky proposition however as you never really know if the machine has already paid out the jackpot recently to a previous player, so to play this system online could be tempting fate.

RTG Slots

You will find more casino games than you shake a stick at should you decide to play at a Real Time Gaming powered site, and this means you will not only have plenty of choice, but as all of their games can be played for various stake levels and coin values you will be able to play at stakes you can afford, however should you fancy playing for free then of course this option is available at all of our showcased Real Time Gaming powered sites.

Whilst you are not going to find dozens of these types of slot games, you are going to find a handful of them, and thanks to their high built in payout percentages, and quick game play structure you should be able to get plenty of winning spins appearing and therefore get a decent amount of playing time. They also offer some progressive 3 reel slots available for various stakes and offering some huge potential jackpots.

RTG Video Slots

As you would expect Real Time Gaming have a huge collection of video slots, from their standard ones which award all manner of bonus feature rounds, however they do have a range of what are called Random Jackpot slots, these have all of the usual bonus feature games which can be triggered and awarded, however they also have a special progressive jackpot attached to these kinds of slots, and how they work and payout is fairly unique, as any player at an moment, as long as they are playing for real money could randomly win one of these jackpots, even if they are playing for very small stakes, and these Random Jackpots are the most played slots at all Real Time Gaming powered sites.

RTG Real Slots real series

For when you fancy a bit of a change you can always find some more of the unique type of games available at Real Time Gaming sites, and these games include real series slot games and the very easy to play Keno game which is a number predicting game offering some huge payouts for tiny stakes, of perhaps you may wish to settle down and play a game of bingo, whatever diversion you are seeking you will find it when you play at a RTG gambling site for sure!

Online Craps

One of the most intimidating of all casino games for new or novice players has to be the game of Online Craps. If you have ever visited a land based casino and seen the  boisterous crowds around the craps table you may have found yourself giving it a wide berth, or you may have been secretly intrigued wondering what all the fuss is about.

Craps is however an excellent game once you understand the rules and gameplay, and with many potential wagering opportunities it appeals to a great many players. We have complied the following guide to help you fully understand every aspect of the game of craps, be warned though our guide is very long and detailed, but it is an ideal resource for you to return to time and time again and one that will allow you to finally get your head around this unusual yet popular casino game.

Learn how to play Craps Games Online

In a land based casino the game of craps is played with two dice, in an online casino the software will produce graphics depicting these dice, which have the
numbers 1 through 6 on each side.

Before the game begins players can place a wager (listed below) then the dice are spun or tossed from one end of the craps table to the other, and to be deemed legal both dice must hit the wall at the end of the table, when the dice have landed the numbers showing uppermost are the numbers used as the result.

The game requires a player to roll the dice and this player is known as the “Shooter”, when they make their first roll of the dice this is called the “Come Out Roll”, and before this roll is made you can bet on whether you think the player will be successful or not.  There are 3 possible outcomes of this Come Out Roll and these are based on the total of both the rolled dice, and this will determine how the game progresses, and whether the shooter has been successful or not.

Craps Betting System

First Betting Option
You can place 2 bets before the Come Out Roll and you are simply betting  whether he will be successful or not on this roll, the first is a Pass Line Bet the second is a Don’t Pass Line bet, and we shall now look in detail at how these bets can win and lose.

To be successful the Shooter must roll either a 7 or 11, this is called a natural, when this happens all money that has been placed on the “Pass Line bet” wins and is paid out at even money.

Should however he roll a 2, 3, or 12 which are called Craps he has not been successful and all bets on the “Pass Line bet” have lost.

If however he rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 then this means a point has been established ( whichever number was rolled is deemed to be the point ie 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) and as such he must continue to roll the dice until such a time that either this number appears again or he rolls a 7.

Should a 7 appear then he has not been successful and the Pass Line Bet is deemed a loser, however should the number he established a point on appear before a 7 is rolled then he has been successful and the Pass Line Bet wins.

The second wager you can make before the Come Out Roll is a Don’t Pass Line bet and you are simply betting that the Shooter will not be successful, this bet, in basic terms, is the opposite of a Pass Line Bet, and you will win this wager if the Shooter rolls a 2 or 3, if he rolls a 7 or 11 then this Don’t Pass Line bet loses, if however he rolls a 12 then it is a tie ie a push.

Craps – New Come Out Roll

When either a 7 or a point has been rolled then the game moves on and this next roll simply becomes the new Come Out roll. If the Shooter is being successful then he retains the dice and can continue to roll them, but if he rolls a 7 which is often called Sevens-Out then the dice are handed to the next player who becomes the new Shooter.

A player at a land based casino can decide not to continue at this point and may give his task as Shooter up.

If you are playing at an online casino then you can stop playing once you have rolled a 7 or if you have no bets placed on the table.

Craps Betting Options

Other Bet Options
Both the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets we mentioned earlier are placed and settled based on the Come Out Roll, but there are a number of new betting options that can be placed once the Shooter has established a Point. These wagers are separate and completely independent of the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets.

The Come Bet
You can place what is termed a Come Bet at any time after the first Come Out roll when the Shooter is trying to roll a point. This bet will be a winner if on the first roll of the Come Bet a 7 or 11 appears but you will lose if a 2, 3, or 12 appears.

If another number appears then that is called a Come Point and you will win this part of the Come Bet if it is rolled again before a 7 appears.

The Don’t Come Bet
The name of this bet describes exactly what it is and if you haven’t worked it out it is the opposite of the come bet, but with one difference and that being that a 12 is classed as a tie (push) Once again you can place this wager at anytime after the Shooter makes his Come Out roll when he has a point to make.

If on the first roll of this Don’t Come bet a 7 or 11 appears then you lose and you will win with 2 or 3 (called Craps) All other numbers that appear are called Come Points and you will lose this Don’t Come bet if any of these numbers re-appear before a 7 is rolled.

Craps Odds

The Odds Bet
This is one of the most popular of all Craps bets and it allows you to accompany any of your Pass Line, Come, Don’t Pass, or Don’t Come bets with a separate wager which is called an Odds Bet. Once the Shooter has established a point you may choose a number to wager on in the hope that it will appear before a 7 is rolled.

The beauty of this bet is that it pays winnings at true odds. These odds being the exact odds of your chosen number appearing before a 7 appears.

Craps Payouts

True Odds Bets and Payouts
We have put together the facts and figures below to give you an idea of how True Odds bets work and payoff.

To begin with let’s look at an Odds Bet on the Pass Line and on the Come, this is called Taking Odds and the payoffs are as follows:

For 4 and 10 the True Odds are 2 – 1

For 5 and 9 the True Odds are 3 – 2

For 6 and 8 the True Odds are 6 – 5

If you wish to take odds on your Pass Line bet then you will need to place chips on the layout below the Pass Line.

Next we shall look at bets on the Don’t Pass and the Don’t Come odds bets, when you place wager on this you are Laying Odds. The true odds of this are as follows:

For 4 and 10 the True Odds are 1 – 2

For 5 and 9 the True Odds are 2 – 3

For 6 and 8 the True Odds are 5 – 6

Now let us turn our attention to Place Bets, This entails you betting that a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 will be rolled before a 7. These bets are similar to Come bets but you do not have to place a bet in the Come or Pass Line bet first. The true odds for these events occurring are as follows:

For 9 and 5 the True Odds are 1 – 2

For 7 and 5 the True Odds are 2 – 3

For 7 and 6 the True Odds are 5 – 6

Lay Bet

By making a Lay Bet you are betting that a 7 will be rolled before either a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled. All winning Lay Bets are settled at True Odds minus a small house commission. You are free to place a Lay Bet without having to make a “Don’t Pass” or “Don’t Come” bet first.

Buy Bet

If you place a Buy Bet you are looking for a 4,5,6,8,9 or a 10 to appear before a 7. It is the opposite of the above Lay Bet. Winning bets are once again paid out at true odds minus a small house commission.

Big 6 and Big 8

These are two separate bets and you are simply risking your money on 6 or 8 being rolled before a 7. You can’t miss the spot to place these wagers as they are very clearly indicated as such on the table layout. These two bets payout even money if successful.

Field Bet

A field bet is simply a one roll bet and you are betting that the roll will be a 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. If a the result of a roll is a 2 or 12 then you will get paid at odds of 2 to 1, all other number bets if successful are paid out at even money.

Hard Ways Bets

You can also place a large number of what are called Hard Way bets, you will need to fully understand what this means, so allow us to explain. If both the dice have the same number showing i.e. 2 x 3’s then it is referred too as a Hard Way.

The numbers that are to be considered as such Hard Way numbers are 4,6,8 and 10. The other two numbers you may have thought as Hard Way numbers namely the 2 and 12 are not considered such as the only way you can make them is by virtue of getting a double 2 x 1’s or 2 x 6’s

You are free to make the following Hard Way bets:

Hard 4

Get a Hard 4 before 7 or before a soft 4 (a soft 4 being either a 1+3 or a 3+1) will return a payout of 7 – 1

Hard 6

Get a Hard 6 before 7 or before a soft 6 (a soft 6 being either a 1+5, 5+1, 2+4 or a 4+2) will return odds of 9 – 1

Hard 8

Get a Hard 8 before 7 or before a soft 8 (a soft 8 being either a 2+6, 6+2, 5+3 or a 3+5) will return odds of 9 – 1

Hard 10

Get a Hard 10 before 7 or before a soft 10 (a soft 10 being either a 4+6 or a 6+4) will return odds of 7 – 1

One Roll Bets

You can also place simple one roll bets, these bets only count for one roll (obviously!). They payout at the following odds:

Any seven

On such a bet you are wager that the Shooter will roll a 7 if correct you will receive payout odds of 7 – 1


This is a risky bet but if the Shooter rolls in a 2 then you will get rewarded at big odds of 30 – 1


Another big paying bet with odds of 30 – 1 should the Shooter roll a 12

Horn Bet

A multi-number type bet that will win if the Shooter rolls either a 2, 3, 11, or 12. Payouts are 15 – 5 for rolling a 3 or 11 and 30 – 4 should they roll a 2 or 12.


This bet entails the Shooter rolling the 3 and payout odds are generous at 15 – 1


Should you be successful in this bet and the Shooter does indeed roll an 11 then you will be rewarded at odds of 15-1

Any Craps

In this bet that returns odds of 7 -1 you are wagering the next roll will result in either a 2, 3, or 12 being rolled in.

Play Online Craps

Many Craps players over the last few years have moved their gaming action online, the reasons for this are varied, some don’t like the hustle and bustle often found around the craps tables and some prefer the speed and convenience of playing from the comfort of their own home.

This has led to an explosion in the number of online casinos offering Craps as one of many games available in their gaming suites. One of the most successful software providers is Microgaming who have one of the most stable and player friendly products available and users of their software can find one of the best variants of Craps that being Vegas Craps.

Microgaming Craps Games

The graphics and sounds used in Microgamings Vegas Craps game are excellent and both the navigation and controls for the game are superb
and easy to use.

You can place wagers using your mouse, simply click where you wish to place a wager. Stakes levels are as low as $1 upto and including a maximum of $100, and all your real money Craps action will earn you comp points at all Microgaming powered casinos.

Microgaming Craps House Edge

Microgamings Vegas Craps offers players 3X odds. Please note that the odds bet is always in relation to the bet amount, and this includes when you are laying odds.

The house edge is minute and on the Pass it is just 0.471% and on the  Don’t Pass its even less at just 0.455%. and 1.82% on the 6 and 8.

You should be aware that they call a Place Bet (to win) a Win Bet and conversely a Place Bet (to lose) a Lose Bet. The payouts on such bets are the same as on normal Place Bets they just give them a different name.

The house edge on these Lose bets are as follows, on 4 and 10 the house edge is 6.67%. 5 and 9 it’s 5.71%. 6 and 8 have a house edge of just 1.82%.

As Microgamings Field Bet pays out at odds of 3 – 1 for a 12 this has resulted in a house edge of 2.78% for this bet.

Microgaming Craps General Rules

If you have played Craps before you are probably fully aware of the rules but if not you need to understand that a Microgaming Craps game is made up of two phases and these are the Coming Out phase and the Point phase.

The aim of the former Coming Out phase is simply to roll a 7 or 11 and betting on the Pass Line. If however you roll a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 a Point is established.

The second phase pertains to the Point and the objective of this is to roll this number as the Point, before you roll a Seven.

There are a great many different betting opportunities during a game of Craps, and it is these wagers that can and does make playing Craps online so much fun.

Microgaming Craps Payout Rules

To fully understand the way the Craps payouts work a little time should be spent studying the layout of the Craps table, each betting area is clearly indicated and below you will find a summary of each area and its respective payout rules.

When the total numbers on both dice add upto Seven or Eleven, you will win even money on a Pass Line bet. Should the total be a Two, Three or Twelve the Pass Line bet is deemed to have lost.

If however the total of both dice is Four, Five, Six, Eight, Nine or Ten then the number the Shooter rolled becomes what is known as a Point. You must continue to roll the dice until such a time that the point is rolled again or a Seven is rolled.

If and when the Point is rolled again the Pass Line bet will win and will payout at even money. However should a Seven be rolled the Pass Line bet is lost.

Microgaming Craps Betting Rules

Once a Point has been made you can then go onto place an odds bet, these are the most popular type of bets on the Craps table and enable you to make several different wagers all offering unique and generous odds.The odds betting area is easy to find and is directly next to the Pass Line bet.

Full payouts, odds and betting options relating to the odds bets are listed below.

Microgaming Craps Payouts

To help you fully understand and appreciate just how generous Microgamings Vegas Craps game really is we have compiled the chart below to show you the payouts for every single betting opportunity.

You will be hard pressed to find a more generous pay table than that offered by Microgaming, and to ensure their games are 100% fair and honest their Random Number Generator which controls the Craps game is regularly independently audited to ensure it does indeed produce random numbers.

Pass Line and Come bets:

For Rolling a 7 you get payout odds of 1:1

For Rolling a 11 you get payout odds of 1:1

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets:

For Rolling a 2 you get payout odds of 1:1

For Rolling a 3 you get payout odds of 1:1

For Rolling a 12 you get payout odds of Tie

True odds for Pass Line and Come bets:

For Rolling a 4 or 10 you get payout odds of 2:1

For Rolling a 5 or 9 you get payout odds of 3:2

For Rolling a 6 or 8 you get payout odds of 6:5

True odds for Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets:

For Rolling a 4 or 10 you get payout odds of 1:2

For Rolling a 5 or 9 you get payout odds of 2:3

For Rolling a 6 or 8 you get payout odds of 5:6

True odds paid for Buy bets:

The House will take a commission of 5% of all Buy Bets and these are always paid at true odds. Only winning bets are subject to the commission charge.

For Rolling a 4 or 10 you get payout odds of 2:1

For Rolling a 5 or 9 you get payout odds of 3:2

For Rolling a 6 or 8 you get payout odds of 6:5

True odds paid for Lay bets:

As with winning Buy Bets the House will take a commission of 5% of all Lay Bets and these are always paid at true odds. Only winning bets are subject to the commission charge.

For Rolling a 4 or 10 you get payout odds of 1:2

For Rolling a 5 or 9 you get payout odds of 2:3

For Rolling a 6 or 8 you get payout odds of 5:6

The odds paid our for all other bets are:

Place to Win Bets : A winning bet on 4 pays out odds of 9:5

A winning bet on 5 pays out odds of 7:5

A winning bet on 6 pays out odds of 7:6

A winning bet on 8 pays out odds of 7:6

A winning bet on 9 pays out odds of 7:5

A winning bet on 10 pays out odds of 9:5

Place to Lose Bets : A Place to Lose bet on 4 pays out odds of 5:11

A Place to Lose bet on 5 pays out odds of 5:8

A Place to Lose bet on 6 pays out odds of 4:5

A Place to Lose bet on 8 pays out odds of 4:5

A Place to Lose bet on 9 pays out odds of 5:8

A Place to Lose bet on 10 pays out odds of 5:11

Field bet 2 rolled pays out odds of 2:1

Field bet 12 rolled pays out odds of 3:1

Other number rolled pays out odds of Even Money

Hardways bets

Hardways 4 pays out odds of 7:1

Hardways 6 pays out odds of 9:1

Hardways 8 pays out odds of 9:1

Hardways 10 pays out odds of 7:1

Any Seven pays out odds of 4:1

Any Craps Any Two, Twelve or Three pays out odds of 7:1

Craps Two pays out odds of 30:1

Craps Twelve pays out odds of 30:1

Craps Three pays out odds of 15:1

Eleven pays out odds of 15:1

Big 6 or Big 8 Six or Eight pays out odds of 1:1

Microgaming Craps Customization

Microgaming Craps game can be fully customized by players to enable them  to experience a personal and unique gaming session. To customize your play simply click on the Game Options tab, you can then change your betting and sound settings.

Sound Setting section – This will enable you to mute all sounds, or individual sounds like game sounds, win sounds, background sounds or the advanced sounds.

Bet Settings section – You can from with-in this option menu choose to enable or disable the following settings:

Place to win bets – Buys bets – Hardway bets – Come odds bet – Big 6 and 8 bets

Microgaming Craps Terminology

Box Cars – This is when the Shooter has rolled in two Sixes.

Come-Out Roll – This is the term referred to any roll before a point is established.

Craps Out – This is when (on the come-out roll) the Shooter rolls in either a Two, Three or Twelve.

Establish a Point This is simply when the Shooter rolls a Point on the come-out roll.

Making a Point – This is when the Shooter manages to roll in the Point, once it has been established.

Point – This refers to any of the following numbers, Four, Five, Six, Eight, Nine or Ten that the Shooter is aiming to roll in to win the Pass Line bet.

Shooter – The name given to the Player that rolls the dice.

Snake Eyes – This is when the Shooter manages to roll in a Two.

Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming have been providing online casino software for well over 10 years, they provide the gaming systems used in over 120 online casinos and over 24 poker sites.

All their Random Number Generators including those used in their Vegas Craps games have stood the test on time and are periodically tested by eCOGRA who have just been fully approved as an accredited testing facility by the Gambling Supervision Commission on the Isle of Man.

This enables all players to at all time be confident that they are receiving a fair game. Microgaming are fully committed to fairplay and openness regarding their games and this has led to them becoming a firm favorite for tens of thousands of worldwide online casino players.

Best Online Casino

One of the most used phrases you will see on most gaming websites has to be best online casinos, this term is often banded about by both good and bad sites in the belief that you as a potential new player will take their word for it.

We have compiled a quick checklist of facts and points of interest that you should check which will allow you to make an informed decision on where to play and what to look out for, to make sure before you play that the casino can be trusted and is reliable.

The first thing you can check is what software provider is powering the casino, the big four include Microgaming, Playtech, RTG and Rival .These four companies offer solid, secure and reliable individual gaming products that have stood the test of time, and offer certain safeguards to ensure you can play at these trusted
gambling sites.

All four companies have had third party specialists conduct full reviews of their random number generators and data analysis to ensure that you are receiving a true, fair and honest game. This very fact should be foremost in your mind when checking a casino is indeed on of the best online casinos around.

But it’s not just the games being fair that should appeal to you, having the ability to deposit and withdraw your winnings at anytime and have them delivered in a timely fashion is also just as important  – All Bonus Bets recommends this – before you play inquire what their payout options are and the respective time frames of delivery should you make a withdrawal.

The maximum time you should have to wait for your cash-in to be delivered back to you should be no longer than 4 to 5 days. Another quality that would be a true description of one of the best online casinos would be the their ability to provide a first class customer support team, these guys and girls are your first point of call should you have a problem, so do a test, phone them up and see how long they take to answer, or launch the live chat and ask them a few simple questions.

If their responses are slow, non existent or even copy and pasted standard replies then you are best avoiding such places, as this would be the kind of service you would probably receive should you have a valid query. So as you can see from the above points not all places that claim to be one of the best online casinos are indeed such, and the best person at all times to be the judge of such matters is yourself.

It really does pay to spend a small amount of time doing some research before you take the plunge and play for real money, having a flutter at an online casino can be fun and enjoyable and by choosing one correctly really can enhance your online gaming sessions. We hope you spend some time on our website and collate  as much information as possible, this should assist in you making up your own mind on which places truly are your best online casinos.

Free Money Casinos

Everyone likes something for nothing and this is what you  will be offered should you be looking for a free money casinos at which to play one hour for free or been given a no deposit bonus.

With no risk to your own funds you can play to your hearts content and keep your winnings, or test out that gambling system you may have been planning to try.

Most online casinos will allow you to download and register a free-play account, thus giving you unlimited free credits to play whichever game takes your fancy. The free games will, in most cases, play exactly as the real money mode thus allowing you to test drive it and make sure all is well and fair.

One thing  All Bonus Bets have noticed about casino sites that allow you to play their free online casino games is that they also will flip you an enhanced bonus if you have downloaded the software but haven’t made a deposit, so keep you eyes open for any emails from that particular casino, it could be free money!

We recently heard of a Lady who holds regular casino party nights at her home, she would invite friends around and set up a free online casino into her widescreen plasma TV, and challenged all her guests to a blackjack tournament.

Each guest would play for 15 minutes with a $1000 starting balance and the person who ended up with the biggest balance at the end of the tournament won a DVD recorder generously donated by the party host!

You will also find several free online casino bonuses dotted around, these are bonuses of usually between $5 – $25 that are given to you at no risk to your own funds, in the hope you will try a few of the games and see if they are worthy of your real money custom.

There are always terms and conditions attached to this type of bonus but most are worth giving a try and there have been reports of some players winning several thousands of dollars with this free money!

Most sites will also offer you free online casino comps, these are much like the comp clubs found in all Las Vegas Casinos, and you will earn yourself points for every real money wager you make. Once you reach a certain threshold of points saved you can then exchange them for chips, some sites also offer gifts or merchandise, so once you sign-up to a casino ensure you have also signed up to their comp club, as it really does pay to play.

Take a good look around our website and remember that all casinos listed here will allow you to play free online casino games, and should you like what you see you can take advantage of their new player bonuses. Each of the free online casino sites we showcase to you are safe and secure and have an excellent reputation for providing all players with an excellent online gaming product and experience, so feel free to give any of them a try and enjoy yourself.

UK Online Casinos

One of the biggest and most often seen mistakes that a gambling site can proclaim to be is one of the small selection of true UK Online Casinos. The reason for this is simple, if they accept UK residents to play and gamble at their online property and for them to be fully licensed in the UK then they must be fully approved by the
UK Gambling Commission who are the only Government body who can issue such licenses.

gross venor casinoThis commission however has what they call a “whitelist” of countries where a casino can be licensed that will allow them to advertise there products in the UK. But this whitelisting does not allow them to proclaim to belong to the UK online casinos directory of approved sites, it just
allows them to advertise in the UK media, television, billboards and the such-like.

UK online casinos in their truest sense of the term have applied for and have received full certification from the Gambling Commission and this includes all their senior management being given personal licenses to operate such a venue, their servers are hosted in the UK and they will abide by and continue to come under scrutiny of the Gambling Commission and its inspectors.

If any of the UK online casinos fail any of the regular reviews held by such inspectors then they risk losing their licenses, such breaches include allowing underage persons to place a wager, failing to comply to advertising standards or allowing themselves to be used for money laundering services.

The correct way to describe UK online casinos is Remote Gambling and this is deemed to be “any form of gambling in which persons participate by the use of remote communication, such as the internet, telephone, television, radio or any other kind of electronic or other technology for facilitating communication.

So you thought finding one or more UK online casinos who be an easy task! To be honest many sites use this term as a way of showing that they allow and welcome UK players and that you can deposit and play in Pounds Sterling as opposed to Dollars. If the casino has a good reputation and you are confident they are above board then you will in most cases be ok.

Do however look to see if any of your chosen UK online casinos reside and/or are licensed in one of the UK gambling Commissions whitelisted countries, these include any EEA country or Gibraltar, the best rule of thumb if is it isn’t licensed then avoid that site like the plague!

We have now armed you with several facts you may not have known and hopefully you will now be a little more savvy on the places you should be thinking of play at. But remember that not all UK online casinos were created equal and some offer generous monthly bonuses and/or promotions to keep you loyal and satisfied, whichever one you choose to play at enjoy yourself and be lucky.

Online Casinos

You have probably at one time or another seen advertisements from online casinos dotted around the web proclaiming the virtues of one or more of the online gambling sites that are available to play at, each one offering inviting bonuses or special free casino money offers, but should you be tempted to give them a try?

It is vital that before you consider downloading and becoming  a new player of whichever of the top online casinos you are tempted by, that you do a little homework. On our site we have reviewed and showcase to you only those sites we know that you can play at with confidence here at All Bonus Bets.

There can be pro’s and con’s of playing online and if you don’t choose wisely you could be asking for trouble, some online casinos will allow all players irrespective of where you live in the world, some don’t allow US players, some don’t accept credit cards and some do, so as you can see from our examples if you choose incorrectly and win getting paid can be a nightmare.

But fear not we have been chosing safe and secure online casinos and one that offers the biggest and best range of player promotions easy, and by having a good look around our site we are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Before you start to play you should make a quick mental note of what it is exactly that you are looking for, first and foremost are you looking to download a casino software package or would you prefer to play at a flash powered site, the former provides excellent graphics and sounds, the latter offers a smaller range of games but no software to download and you could be playing in seconds.

Once you know what type of casino you wish to play at then you should look at how you wish to make a deposit. All of the top online casinos listed on our site can be played for free or for real money so it is always advisable that you play several games in free-play mode to allow you to get a good feel for how the software both works and navigates and if you feel 100% comfortable with it.

If you are in the UK or Europe your credit or debit card should be all you need to make a deposit, however if you reside in the US then you may need to sign up for a e-wallet type account to allow you to transfer funds to and from your chosen online casinos.

The most important thing you should be looking for is a fair game, you can have all the bonuses in the world but if the online casino you have chosen isn’t providing an honest and totally random game then playing online is pointless, and could be a costly experience. Not paying online casinos are called blacklisted or ROGUE
CASINOS at All Bonus Bets.

So with this in mind you should only play at online casinos whose software is supplied by one of the major software providers and who have their payout percentages and random number generators regularly audited and/or verified so keep your eye open for casinos displaying the verified logos.

Microgaming casinos

Microgaming is Powering the best online casinos! When it comes to online casinos, Microgaming is the number one software provider. During the last five years the most successful online casinos have been using this online casino software. One of the best things that Microgaming is able to provide to top online casinos is a wide variety of casino games. They are successfully providing casino software to companies for more than ten years, and right now there are 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms that are powered by them.

The online gaming industry is very dynamic, but microgaming casinos seem to move faster since they are coming up with new casino games every month. This way the players will always have something new to try, and have fun gambling. As time goes by, e-commerce and online gambling is growing, this is why there has to be some strict regulations.

When you will play at an online casino powered by Microgaming you can be sure that the games are powered by a software that is going to be fair to you. This way your chances of winning are a lot higher than at other casinos that are powered by some other type of software.

Recent studies have showed that more than half of the online casinos players prefer those casinos that are powered by Microgaming. Here you can find the reasons why these casinos are preferred by most online players: there is an incredibly big payout percentage of 90-98% at the casinos powered by  microgaming as they have a large number of games where you can spend time, have fun, and in the same time win some money.

The sign up bonus offered by the microgaming powered casinos, are very high. This is why many people would go and sign up for a casino using that software.

With so many benefits is no wonder that Micro Gaming has managed to become the number one worldwide online casino software provider.

Online Casino Review

Zodiac Casino is one of the oldest online casino powered by Microgaming. If you going to try to find some reviews of this casino you  will be able to see that most of them are positive reviews, since this casino has an excellent track record. This online casino was able to stand out and become one of the most popular casinos in the world by offering fair chances to its players.

One of the greatest things about this online casino is that they are currently offering a bonus of deposit $1 to get 20 euros free to the new players.

They claim that you can get that 20 euros bonus for free. So it means that you will not have to deposit any money to get your hands on that generous bonus. This bonus will allow you try out their online games, and have fun for a little while, and in case you are serious about playing, you should deposit some more, and
play for your entertainment, and in case the Fortune Goddess is on your side you might get lucky and be able to cash out some more money.

Zodiac Casino is owned by a well respected company called Casino Rewards, that currently has a large group of online casinos.

This way you will not only have an easier access to finance (deposit and cash out), but you will also receive some generous casino bonuses at  All Bonus Bets.

Also being powered by one of the biggest online casino software company in the world, you can be sure that your gambling experience will be the best you can get.


Online Slots

They say that knowledge is power, and this is very true for online slots players, using insider knowledge or you own experience can and does help you gain an playing advantage. We have compiled this in-depth report on slot playing tips and hints to give you a little more insight on how you can improve your online slot play at online casinos.

To begin with it is important to understand that not all slot machines are created equal, players look for and demand different qualities from slot machines and these can be anything from ease of play, the top prize value or even the number of free spins the game will give once a bonus feature has triggered.

Slots Bonus

The savvy slot player know the best tip or hint to playing slots online is to play them with a casino bonus given to you either as a new player or by way of a monthly match bonus.

Sure you are going to be forced to play through your bonus and/or deposit amount a certain number of times before you are permitted to make a cash-in, but by taking a bonus you will by starting with a much bigger bankroll, and as such you stand a greater chance of hitting a big win, that will still have you in profit even after you meet the terms and conditions attached to that bonus.

New Online Slots

Do New Slots Payout More? This question has perplexed online slot players for years, with most coming to the conclusion that yes the software providers tend to set all new slots to payout more for a short time after their release. They use Michael A as an example as he won an whopping $205,625 playing the Mad Hatters Slot with-in days of Microgaming releasing it.

To do so would mean the software company would have to adjust the reel layout but it will always be down to speculation and here say unless they tell you otherwise!

Landbased slots especially in the UK and Europe have been found to payout more when they are first launched, and the reason for this is that they are set to payback a certain percentage and by paying out large amounts in the first day or two of operation the machine can then have an aiming percentage to work from.

This is perfectly legitimate and conversely some new slots will take and take then drop a few jackpots using the opposite logic i.e. work to a very low payout percentage then get the pre-determined payback in one volatile session.

Best paying Online Slots

To help you track down the best paying online slots we have scoured the net to bring you the most factual and up to date statistics regarding all the leading casino software companies slot machines.

Use this information wisely to enable you to play the better paying slots and help you avoid the lower paying ones.

We have also included in this guide of the best paying online slots definitive listing of those machines whose jackpots reach the biggest amounts and frequency that they hit, this will hopefully ensure you are armed with as much information as possible to help you make an informed choice of which slots to play.

Best Paying Online Slots From Rival

Rival powered online casinos are few in number but as one of the newer entrants into the world of online casino software they have ensured that their range of games are both imaginative and comparable to other vendors best paying slots. The only way they could achieve that is by making sure they have some of the highest payout percentages.

Not all their slots however can be described as best paying, there are some in the high 80% payout range, but the majority are in the high 90’s. The slot machine that stands out from the crowd is their Future Fortunes that returns an amazing 99% payout.

In terms of paybacks you won’t find a better slot than that, plus with the addition of casino comps this can become one of the best paying online slots of all, so make sure you lookout for it.

Best Paying Online Slots Jackpot

New slots are released each month by most casino software providers and every now and then one is launched that can proudly boast to have by virtue of its top prize the best paying online slots jackpot amount.

The current slot machine to be able to make this bold claim has to be Microgamings Cash-a-Pillar slot. This is the first of their new generation of machines that offer “stacked wilds” and players may choose to play upto 100 lines per spin.

With so many pay-lines and the ability via the stacked wilds to have, in one spin, all lines potentially becoming winning ones players can win upto 6 million coins, you will be hard pressed to find a better paying online video slot than that!

Casino Slots with Free Spin Bonus Rounds

Now if you are looking for best paying online slots that have the free-spin bonus feature then you are quite frankly spoilt for choice.

There are literally dozens available, most it has to be said are clones meaning the number of free-spins awarded and the win multipliers awarded are the same, however some stand out from the crowd by being unique whilst at the same time offering a potentially large jackpot win.

The Sneaky Peek range from Microgaming offers players two games the Doctor Doctor slot and the Hunky Heros slot, once you trigger the free-spin bonus round you have the potential to continue to add to the number of free-spins should you get a pill symbol on the fifth reel, additionally you can also add to the win multiplier should you get a pill symbol on reel 4.

These additional boosters enable a maximum win multiplier capped at x10 per spin, similarly the free-spins will only run out should you fail to continue to hit the fifth reel pill symbol.

Best Paying Online Slots Bonus

There is one surefire way to increase the possibility of winning during an online slot session and that is to utilize a casino bonus. All online casinos will offer new players one or more bonuses upon you making a real money deposit and the majority of these bonuses can be used freely on any of their slot machines.

With the standard bonus being a 100% match type bonus then this gives you immediately a head start and a much bigger bankroll. By playing only those online slots you know return a bigger payback percentage you stand a much better chance of coming out ahead.

You will of course be tied into churning over your deposit and/or deposit amount x number of times, but with a good winning streak and a sensible stake level per spin it is possible to increase your chance of making that session pay.


RTG Casinos

A search for trusted and online casino sites for usa players will lead to the RTG casinos as they stand out from the rest with their no deposit casino bonuses and high match bonus promotions list on our online casino portal Allbonusbets.com.

Slotocash Casino

We are proud to have witnessed a very lucky winner who won over 150,000 USD at the Sloto Cash Casino, the most trusted online casino in our book!

Moreover RTG brands allow almost all players to play for real even residents from the U.S. are welcome to gamble online. Most RTG casinos have some clever deposit methods like prepaid cards you can buy at e.g. Walmart. Their friendly customer support will explain you what cards can be used to deposit.

RTG Casino Bonuses

It is true to say that although there are a lot of USA online casino sites out there powered by Real Time Gaming (RTG), and as they all accept US based players along with other worldwide players, not all of them are on the ball in terms of being able to pay their players in a timely fashion when they win, so if you are seeking to play at a site powered by this excellent casino software then you should choose which one you play at very carefully, below however you will find some of our top rated ones that offer good bonus promotions.

UPDATED MARCH 2017 : CLub World Casinos added to the rogue pit, scamming players and webmasters.


Club World Casino – (Rogue reputation, slow and missing payouts) One of many casinos with the RTG software that is now under poor management and consulted by well known money laundering operations from the AFFPOWER group.

Prior to when this casino was launched way back in 2004, RTG sites had a rather dubious reputation in terms of not looking after their players very well, this all chanced when this casino blasted online and the quality of their casino manager ensures that every single part of their operation works like clockwork and as such you will probably not get paid when you make a cash out, and when it comes to casino promotions and offers they are worst as their “generous offers” in fact are a trap to make you deposit more, this is common practice like any other casinos powered by Real Time Gaming that actually block you from giving winning chance!

Do not put up with long delays when it comes to making a withdrawal or poor quality customer service, demand the best and stick to online casinos like this one where you are certainly NOT going to get treated like a VIP player.

We can not recommend this online casino as they are not afraid of using unfair bonus abuse tactics and scamming players, they know what you will be looking for when you gamble online and they will provide you with a complete, fully rounded experience, many players should have this casino at the top of their most casinos to avoid lists of where to play and once you become a new player of theirs you will never have to suffer from a bad USA gambling site.

Lucky Red Casino – (400% Bonus Match) This casino is the sister site of the ROGUE Club USA Casinos above and it also appeared and launched in the year 2009, they came online with set in stone principals and these were to ensure that the customer was always treated like a King and by doing just that they built up a large regular playing customer base, with players having a huge choice of which Real Time Gaming powered casinos they play at it takes one to stand out from the crowd and give their players more if they want to survive and this is exactly what this casino is now lacking under new management.

Aladdins Gold Casino – (Unique bonus offers) This casino has a brilliant website to fool players and this is just one small part of their operation which began in 2009, and by checking it out you will soon realize that these guys mean business and no stone has been left unturned to ensure that when you play at their fully downloadable online casino powered by Real Time gaming you are going to get the best of everything, from the biggest and best bonuses to rapid hassle free payouts and withdrawals. Give them a try soon as they have a truly massive welcome bonus offer up for grabs, which will certainly give you plenty of additional play time and has been designed to give you a sporting chance of having a winning session.

Below we are proud to present to you our top rated online casinos all of which utilise Real Time Gaming as the powerful casino software which powers their respective online casinos, feel free to checkout them as they are the best the web has to offer, and all of them have systems in place to ensure you get paid quickly when you win no matter where in the world you happen to live or reside, and as you would expect they are all offering some very generous welcome bonuses to all new players along with plenty of ongoing bankroll boosting player promotions.

All Star Slots Casino – If you like playing slot games then we can not recommend this online casino they have put in place a very rewarding slot comp club which ensures that when you play for real money you are not going to get all of those little extras freebies which makes playing not very rewarding, you should take our advise which is to stop playing at this rogue RTG casino at all costs.

High Noon Casino – One of the newer CWC online casinos to appear, in fact this one was born in 2010, but do not let the casinos age put you off player there as they have a great behind the scenes team who always ensure you had a great time whenever you play and it goes without saying that when you win you will not get paid before you know it you have been scammed, visit their website for more details about their poor “Curacao License” and you can see of all their current slot bonus offers and promotions you need to avoid.

inetbet casino
No max cashouts – Top Bonuses at current promotions page


Sun Palace Casino – is a solid brand and paying casino players for years. Limits on payouts per week but you get paid)- If you are a high roller then allow us to introduce to you the Sun Palace Casino which has been serving all high rolling players for many years now. There games boast some very high table stakes and you will be given your very own VIP host, whose soul task is to ensure everything you require is given to you! Checkout their website for a full range of VIP services which are available.

Slots Plus Casino  – New cashable bonus, timeless slots themed casino – This Real Time Gaming powered online casino really is a slot player paradise, and they obviously have every single slot game available that RTG have developed, so if you like fast playing low tech slots then they have loads or them or should you wish to play high tech video slots machines which come with all manner of exciting and potentially high paying bonus feature rounds then do not delay give them some play time today, you will love everything about this slot orientated site for sure and will return time and time again thanks to their ongoing player offers and promotions.

Vegas Casino Online Casino  – (Vegas theme, older online casino with good track records – There are plenty of Real Time Gaming powered casinos out there to choose from so it takes a lot for players to move over to a different one if they are satisfied with the one they are used to playing at, however this site have certainly made a name for themselves with their attention to detail in each and every aspect of their operation, and whether it be big bonuses you are seeking or just good old fashion comps you will find they provide it to you. You will of course be seeking easy ways to both make a deposit and a withdrawal and they have these too, so why not make a change and start playing here they have a lot to like and many players simply love them so they must be doing something right!

Las Vegas USA Casino – Nice design, fast games, reliable payouts, preferred USA gambling site – This is the perfect venue if you like playing all of Real Time Gamings collection of casino games safe in the knowledge that every time you make a real money wager no matter whether it is a winning wager or a losing wager you are going to be amassing comp points, and then there will come a time when you have enough of these points to be able to swap them for casino chips via this sites comp club.