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Online Baccarat

The most popular of all casino card games is, without a doubt is online baccarat.

Every casino has at least one Baccarat table but in places like Macau you can expect to see hundreds, as this is the most common card game played in Asia. It appeals to both high rollers and low rollers alike and thanks to its easy to understand rules the game is very fast playing and you soon know your fate.

Despite its fast pace the game isn’t as boisterous as say craps or roulette and players tend to sit in complete comfort around specially designated areas of the casino. It is worth noting that the game of Baccarat can be quite volatile in terms of both winning and losing streaks so it isn’t a game for the faint hearted and often attracts the most robust players looking to take on the house.

How to Play Baccarat Online

If you are looking to play baccarat online be aware that you will be able to play a great many more hands per hour than you could at a land-based venue, and as such you will experience much more visible streaks.

This is perfectly normal due to the nature of the game. Let’s just hope you manage to get onto a winning streak sooner than later! Another important fact to mention is one concerning casino bonuses, if you have accepted a bonus from an online casino you must carefully check that they allow these additional funds to be used on Baccarat, as some sites don’t allow you to play this game with a bonus.

Some sites will allow you to play with a bonus but with require you to play through your bonus and/or deposit a certain amount of times before you are free to cash-out any winnings. So make sure you know where you stand at all times when playing with an online baccarat bonus.

Online Baccarat Games

The rules to playing Baccarat are simple to understand and the game is played around a large table that can hold around 12 people, each table has three Dealers.

The basics of the game is to bet on whether you think the Dealers hand or the Players hand will win you can also bet on a tie. It is a game of chance but one that retains an element of skill between a player and the Banker.

The game of Baccarat can use any number of standard decks of playing cards with no jokers. There are just three betting options and the aim of the game is to simply predict whose hand, either the Banker’s or the Player’s, will be closest to a value of nine. You can also bet that the game will end in a tie.

The deal rotates around the table but you as a player are under no obligation to deal and may should you wish simply pass the deal onto the next person should
you decide. The person who is dealing will continue to do so as long as the Banker bet continues to win.

The Dealer begins by placing two cards both of which are face down onto the table and will then deal two cards to whichever player has the most chips in their wager. These card are then reviewed and given back to the Dealer who then shows their hand, one of the casino dealers will then announce the result of both the hands card totals.

Subject to what the totals are another card may be dealt. The casino dealer will then announce the winner and pay all successful bets and remove losing ones.

The deal will rotate around the table, much like the dice rotate around the craps table. If a player does not want to deal they may pass the shoe to the next player.

The same person will keep dealing as long as the banker keeps winning. The person dealing will once again put two cards, face down, tucked under the shoe, and give the player with the greatest bet on the player the other two cards, face down.

OnlineBaccarat Payouts

You will win should you correctly predict the result of the game choosing that either the Bankers, Players or Tie bet wins.

In the standard game of Baccarat should you choose correctly you will receive the following payouts: If the Banker’s hand wins (and you bet on it) you will get even money, less a 5% commission which is kept by the house.

If the Player’s hand wins (and you bet on it) you will get paid out at even money.

Should the Tie bet win and you bet on it you will get paid at 7 -1 (this can be greater depending on which casino you are playing at).

To confirm, should the hand that you wagered on wins, you are going to get paid out at even money, unless of course you have bet on a tie. If you have wagered on the tie bet then the payout is eight times (7-1) the amount you bet. Should you have placed a wager on the Banker’s hand, and win, you will get even money less a 5% commission.

If you have not bet on a Tie bet but the result of the game is indeed a tie then you will get your stakes returned to you.

Baccarat Winning Hands

As we mentioned earlier the winning hand is the one that is closest to nine in total and as such you will need to know the exact card value of each card and these are as follows:

A King of any suit is worth 0

A Queen of any suit is worth 0

A Jack of any suit is worth 0

A 10 of any suit is worth 0

A 9 of any suit is worth 9

An 8 of any suit is worth 8

A 7 of any suit is worth 7

A 6 of any suit is worth 6

A 5 of any suit is worth 5

A 4 of any suit is worth 4

A 3 of any suit is worth 3

A 2 of any suit is worth 2

An Ace of any suit is worth 1

When the total number of your hand exceeds nine in total the then new value of the hand becomes the unit portion of the total. To help you understand what is meant by that read our two examples below. If you have in your hand for example a Six of Spades and a Nine of Diamonds. The point values are therefore 6 and 9, and the total of this hand is 6 + 9 = 15.

In this example the ten part of the number is ignored so the value of your hand is a 5 If you have a hand consisting of a Nine of Diamonds, and a Nine of Hearts then the point values are 9 and 9, so therefore the total of the hand is 8, 9 + 9 = 18 and then ignore the ten value.

Playing Baccarat online is easy nowadays as every single online casino offers it in their gaming suite.

There can be some value to be had as they all tend to have slightly different payouts on some hands. You can also take advantage of comps that are given for every real money wager irrespective of whether that wager wins or loses, and one other benefit of playing online is you can play at your own pace.

Online Baccarat games offered with RTG Casino Software

To begin with we will take a look at Real Time Gaming’s Baccarat, the payouts for their game can and does vary from casino to casino so we will take a look at the best paytable we have found from an RTG software powered casino.

In their version of Baccarat the game will begin once you have placed your wager and cards are dealt to both hands.

RTG Baccarat sites use six decks of cards and these are always shuffled after each hand. The usual betting options are available including betting on either the Bankers hand the Dealers hand or the tie.

The best tie bet payback we found on Real Time Gaming Baccarat was 8 to 1. So if you are looking around look out for this payout as it does reduce the house edge.

The card values in RTG Baccarat is standard and suits of the playing cards have no meaning and are irrelevant. All of the cards from 2 through 9 count as face
value. The tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings all count as zero and the Aces count as 1.

To work out the value of your hand simply add the cards together and should the number be ten or over simply drop the first digit. ie 7 + 7 = 14 so take off the
1 digit and the total becomes 4.

There are several ways to win and these are all fairly standard namely: The hand you have bet on is the highest in total, you will also win if you bet on the Tie bet and both hands once finally dealt are equal.

If you wagered on the Players hand and it wins you will get even money. Betting on Banker will if it is the Bankers hand that wins get even money however you will have to pay a 5% house commission. A winning tie bet means you will win 9 times your wager.

You will lose at Baccarat if:

The hand you have bet on is not the highest hand.

You bet on a Tie but the banker hand and the Players hand are not equal.

Rival Casino with Baccarat games

You may have never heard of Rival, they are one of the recent additions to the online gaming world and supply the software needed to power their current range of casinos that number 10 in total.

Their software has proved to be a very stable and reliable piece of kit and thanks to their ability to accept payments from US players they are gaining a great number of new (baccarat) players from other software providers who have banned such players from using any of their casinos.

Rival powered online casinos carry just one Baccarat game in their gaming suite. Their version uses 8 decks, and these are dealt at the end of each game.

The rules follow the basic rules with a winning Banker bet paying even money less a 5% house commission, the expected payout percentage based on their rules
is 98.94%.

Rival currently just offer a download version of their software, it is quick to download and you can add the games you want and leave those you don’t wish to
download. This results is players being able to download and play in minutes without have to download a bulky gaming suite before they can play.

Playtech Casino with Baccarat Games

Playtech are another software provider that has dozens of venues both casinos and poker sites powered by them. They have been around for several years now and are one of the leading providers by virtue of their solid and reliable gaming products.

It is worth pointing out however that US players are not permitted to play at any casino or poker site powered by them. All other worldwide players however are free to play without any restrictions.

Playtech uses a 6 card deck and this is shuffled after every game, their Baccarat game follows the standard rules and incorporates the “Third Card Rule”.

This third card rules in Playtech Baccarat is as follows:

If the Point Value of the Players first two cards is either a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or a 5 then the player draws a card.

If the Point Value of the Players first two cards is either a 6 or a 7 then the player Stands.

If the Point Value of the Players first two cards is either a 8 or a 9 then this is called a “Natural hand”, and no further card is dealt.

Bankers Third Card Rule If the Point Value of the first two cards is either a 0, 1, 2 they always draw a card.

If the Point Value of the Players first two cards is a 3 then he will Draw when the third card is a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and does not draw when the third card is a 8

If the Point Value of the first two cards is a 4 then he will Draw when the third card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and does not draw when the third card is a 0, 1, 8, 9

If the Point Value of the first two cards is a 5 then he will Draw when the third card is a 4, 5, 6, 7 and does not draw when the third card is a 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9

If the Point Value of the first two cards is a 6 then he will Draw when the third card is a 6, 7 and does not draw when the third card is a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9

If the Point Value of the first two cards is a 7 then he always stands.

If the Point Value of the first two cards is either a 8 or a 9 The Player cannot draw.

The payoffs on Playtechs Baccarat is as follows, winning Banker bet pays 2 for 1 minus 5% house commission, a winning Player bet pays 2 for 1 and a winning Tie
Bet pays 9 for 1.

Baccarat games at Cryptologic Casino Sites

Cryptologic have just a small handful of online casinos powered by them even though they were one of the pioneers of online gambling. Their licensees are therefore a good bunch and they have no outstanding player issues.

They have a time proven product that appeals to many players thanks to its size, stability and life-like game-play.

They have all the usual games on offer including an 8 decks version of baccarat.

by using 8 decks the house edge on the banker bet is 1.06%, on the player bet is 1.24%, and on the tie bet it is 14.36%.

Microgaming Baccarat Casino Games

Microgaming are the industry leader when it comes to casino software. They offer the most stable of all gaming platforms that has proved time and time again to be 100% reliable.

Microgaming offer two variations of Baccarat the standard version which uses just one deck. The house edge on the banker bet is 1.012% and on the player bet it is 1.286%.

They also offer a High Limit game of Baccarat, on this game they use 8 decks, and as such the house edge is 1.06% on the banker bet, 1.24% on the player bet, and a massive 14.36% on the tied bet.

Netent Casinos that have Baccarat Games

Net Entertainment offer a no download suite of casino games, they have a very large European player base at all their many online casinos and offer a very rigid and user friendly software package.

Their version of Baccarat uses eights decks and that means the house edge of this game is Banker bet is 1.06%, the Player bet is 1.24% and a Tie bet is 14.36%.

Baccarat Systems and Strategies

By virtue of Baccarat being a random game there is no way you can use skill to predict the outcome, however this hasn’t stopped a plethora of websites offering to sell systems which they proudly proclaim will make you rich. As always such schemes should be avoided and you should never pay for any kind of gambling system.

The best way you can maximize any potential returns when playing Baccarat is to find the game with the lowest house edge and also the best comps.

These additional casino comps can greatly reduce your losses and as Baccarat can be quite volatile you will be amazed at how quickly you can earn and amass large number of comp points.

Following a pattern – One popular way to play Baccarat is to follow the way the cards are being dealt and simply place your next wager on the outcome of the previous hand, namely if Banker for example just won then your next wager is on the Banker bet.

The logic for this is simple, with there being just three possible outcomes the game throws up, at times some very long streaks of the same winning outcome.

Some players will double up their bet after a win and will aim for 3, 4 or even 5 winning wagers in a row. Some players will simply flat bet and some will just throw their chips down on whatever gut feeling they have.

Baccarat Scams and Cheats

Land-based casinos have a much bigger chance of being victim to cheats and fraudsters than online casinos, playing against a computer ensures all parameters are fair and controlled in such a manner that you will receive random cards and your results should fall within the expected returns for that game.

There have been many attempts to rip off bricks and mortar casinos and one such attempt was in Atlantic City, and this resulted in 13 people being arrested and charged with theft by deception and it was the Claridge Casino Hotel that stood to lose around $100,000 via this fairly well thought-out but ultimately unsuccessful scam.

It took a 3 month investigation to conclude the surveillance operation, and the center of attention was a number of people of Vietnamese descent, and a Claridge
dealer, who played a key role in enabling the scam to work.

The scam was a complicated one and involved a couple of players who acted as recorders, their role in this scam was to simply begin playing Baccarat at low stakes and via the recording cards they made a note of all the cards dealt.

When the shoe was exhausted these players then left the table.

The Dealer then performed a false shuffle which meant the cards didn’t change the order in which they had previously been dealt. Nine new players then joined
the table, these players had been given by the previous recorders a full list of the cards that had been previously dealt and this meant that the cards that were
about to be dealt would be the same, due to the false shuffle.

These players then bet very large amounts on each hand often as high as $3,000.

During this session they won collectively more than $100,000 dollars.

All these players were arrested at the table and the State Police confiscated $90,000 in chips and currency.

There have been hundreds of similar attempts to defraud casinos over the years most get uncovered but some the most successful never get exposed and are still
being perpetrated almost daily.


Stargames Casino

If you are seeking a completely new set of casino games to play then how about considering to play at Star Games Casino, they have recently been launched online and players are reporting that they games play and pay excellently and you will never have seen anyone of them available to play elsewhere, so if you do fancy a change from the more well known casino softwares then how about trying your luck at Star Games ( Casino de Juegos Tragaperras )  to see if their slots are as good as these players report?

One feature of their software which players are warming too is that you can play a diverse range of tournaments each and every day of the week, and unlike other casinos who only offer slot tournaments you are going to find not only those kinds of tournaments but also many other unique games such as Rummy and Solitaire. You can secure your place in any of their tournaments days in advance so you will always be guaranteed a seat and they boast some fairly decent prize pools!

Star Games Casino Review

There are so many unique games available over at Star Game we do not know where to begin, however below we have highlighted just a small range of them, visit their website for a more detailed list, and do not forget that should you like any game that is available then you can always choose to play it completely free of charge in free money mode before opting to lay your money down and play for real money!

Star Games Casino

Play Now – Jetzt Spielen – Best No Download Casino Online !

Video Poker Games at Star Games– Now the one major thing  about any video poker game offered by an online casino and whether it is worth you playing is going to be just how generous is the pay tables on these games, and we are pleased to report those found at Star Games are some of the highest paying ones online, and with such games available as Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild and Deuces Wild you will have plenty of these high paying video poker games to choose from, each allow you to adjust the coin values and number of coins played per hand, but make sure you always play maximum bet games to get those enhanced top prize pay backs and the best payout percentages!

Stargames Casino Card Games – Star Games offer a small yet select number of casino card games and as such two to note are their Baccarat game and their Blackjack game, now both of these particular casino games come with very liberal game playing rules and as such this means you are playing against some relatively low house edges and as such that means you will always be getting a sporting chance of hitting some winning streak and getting dealt winning hands, you will of course be able to sample both these loose games for free via the Star Games website so why not do just that to see how good these two games play and pay we are confident you will like everything about them and may decide to play them for real.

Table Games – The table games selection is fairly impressive at Star Games and as such you will find plenty of your favourite ones readily available to play, you can choose to play them fro free or as a low or high roller as all of the stake levels can be fully adjusted by yourself, you are never forced to play for stakes not suitable to your pocket or gambling budget at Star Games! The current selection of table games include a very lifelike game of Sic Bo, and various different Roulette variants including Multi Ball Roulette which has several ball sin play on the wheel! Also available is Vegas Roulette, European Roulette and a must play Globe Roulette variant that offers a completely new way of playing this age old casino game.

Star Games Novomatic Slots

Whilst the collection of Video Poker games along with card and table games may seem under whelming it has to be the slot games where Star Games come into their own and as such you are going to find plenty of unique ones that will have you playing for longer as they not only boast high payouts and regularly triggering bonus feature rounds and games as they are all preset to payout some massive payout percentages that big win may never be very far away. Below are some of their slot games we think you should checkout and play.

Golden Sevens Slot Game – There is no guessing what the star of this video slot game is it is of course those Golden Sevens which have some massive winning potential when you line up winning combinations, a very easy slot to play and one that will keep you entertained for sure.

Costa Del Cash Slot Game – If you cannot make it to the Costa Del Sol over there in Spain then you can still get your fix of the sunshine and fun and games by playing this brand new slot which is now appearing at the Star Games online casino, and what a colourful and adventurous slot is really is, with tons of playable pay lines you could never be far away from that big jackpot payout which could indeed pay for your next holiday to Spain!

Real King Slot Game – Now this slot machine may seem familiar to you if you are based in the UK, as this machine can be found in amusement arcades across the land and it has proved to be very popular with players looking for the chance of an instant big win, why not put it through its paces online now at Star Games, it is one of their better paying games by far!

Lord of the Ocean – We will not be handing out prizes for guessing what the theme of this slot machine is all about as the name of it gives it away, however if you like to play multi line video slots then this one does indeed offer plenty of those and a spectacular bonus feature round.


Live Casino

A live casino allows you to play casino games based in a land based venue remotely, meaning you can place wagers onto the casino tables and play from real money from the comfort of your own home via your computer, with you being able at all times to monitor the game play out via a live video stream which is beamed, in real time from the casino.

Whilst playing any gambling session in an online casino no matter whether the game is Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, should you have experienced a bad run of luck and not had any winning hands dealt or numbers spinning in for any length of time then you may be asking yourself whether that game is all it should be in terms of randomness.

This is a common thought to have crossed many a casino players mind, more so it has to be said when the games are going their way, and hardly ever at all when they are winning! However as you will experience losing runs and maybe think the game is not as fair at it should be, there is a way of playing online which guarantees you are getting both a fair and honest game and that is by playing at a Live Casino.

By using a clever mix of computer software intertwined with this video stream you can get the thrill of live casino gambling from anywhere, and play with complete confidence safe in the knowledge the game you are playing is random, fair and honest.

More and more players are now enjoying the live casino tables and joining in the fun and games yourself is a simple procedure, simply visit any of our showcased and highly recommended live casino sites below and sign up and in seconds you will be playing all manner of live casino directly from where ever you happen to be.

You will find they all offer a wide variety of casino deposit options which makes sending money into the casino or receiving your winnings from the live casino an absolute breeze, why not give either of the sites listed below a try today we think you ill like what you find when you get there!

Golden Tiger Casino

One site that offers live casino gambling is Golden Tiger Casino and not only do they broadcast a live video stream enabling you to watch the games via your mobile phone.

They have a wide range of casino games available and these include the following:

Live Roulette – Should you fancy playing live Roulette based on the European single zero roulette game then Golden Tiger Casino is the place to visit and with table limits from just £1 up to a maximum of £1,000 you will have plenty of opportunities for a punt no matter how much you have in your gambling budget.

Auto Roulette – Whilst being able to watch the live croupier in play there may come a time when you cannot stand listen to them waffle on between each spin of the wheel! If this is the case then the Auto Wheel will be of interest to you, this does away with the croupier and as such the wheel effectively plays itself.

Software Driven Games – If you fancy playing some of the more commonly found software driven games then there are also plenty of these available at the live casinos, these games are powered by Microgaming software and as such you will find a large portfolio of games which come with all manner of payouts, rules and more importantly very high payout percentages.

To enable you to be able to get online and play as easily as possible Golden Tiger Casino have plenty of deposit methods to ensure you can quickly, easily and securely transfer funds into the casino, and when you have a winning session they have an equal amount of withdrawal options available to enable you to get paid these winnings in a timely fashion.

Golden Tiger Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission who ensure that all of their games comply with gaming regulations in terms of fairness and payouts.

All new players who play at Golden Tiger Casino will qualify for a new player sign up bonus, full details along with the terms and conditions of this bonus and extra bonuses which are available to regular players can be found on the casinos website, so why not get yourself over there now to see what they are offering and fill your boots!

If you visit their website you will also see it has a live feed to the tables and you will be able to see who has recently won playing their live casino games, if you get lucky you may see your name scrolling along the screen! Good Luck and let us hope should you give them a try that your numbers spin in time and time again!

One online casino that offers a great mix of live casino games and the usual software driven games is this online casino and as one of our highly recommended sites you will get a fully rounded online gaming experience should you decide to give them a try and to give you a deeper insight into what they have available keep on reading!

Live Baccarat – You will find a great Baccarat game on offer at Golden Tiger Casino and thanks to the live video stream you will be able to watch the game play out right before your very eyes whilst placing bets on whether you think the Dealer or Banker will win the game, a Tie bet option is also available offering the biggest payback on the game.

You will also find a previous result board and this enables you to track which hands are hot and which hands are cold based on the last few games played. You will be able to play for low to high stakes depending on how you choose to play, if Baccarat is your casino card game of choice you will not find a better live casino version than this one.

Live Blackjack – You will enjoy playing live Blackjack thanks to the simple fact you can see the entire game playing out in front of you, no longer will get the impression you are not receiving a fair and honest game like many people think happens in a software driven site!

With table limits to suit all budgets you will find plenty of open tables and once you experience the joys and thrill of this brand new way of playing Blackjack online you may never go back to playing standard online casino Blackjack games again!

Live Roulette – There is no replacement for real live Roulette, and thanks to Golden Tiger Casino you can play real Roulette anytime of the day or night with tables always open with low to high table stakes you could win big at any time, that is when your chosen numbers begin to spin in.

No longer will you bet at the mercy of a random number generator and if the croupier slips a smile at you there is no knowing what can happen, this really is the way Roulette should be played and why not just sign up and log in and observe the game in play it will soon get you hooked and you will be playing in no time.

Should the lure of playing the slot machines prove too much to handle then fear not as Golden Tiger Casino also have a full suite of slot machines and these games come in all manner of different shapes and sizes from single classic slot games to all singing all dancing video slots which are made complete with all manner of bonus feature rounds, and plenty of optional pay lines.

There are also a full suite of table and card games driven by the more conventional casino software so if the live casino tables are not playing ball then maybe you should try your luck on these!

Video poker games are also available in abundance at Golden Tiger Casino and these games all boast very high pay backs thanks entirely to their very generous pay tables. They even have a bingo game should you fancy a total chance of scenery, no matter what your are looking to gamble on you can always rely on Golden Tiger Casino!


Playtech Casinos

Playtech casinos have been issuing their latest casino bonuses with lower wager requirements to redeem and also their game base has increased by adding TV themed slots. When seeking for live casino action some playtech brands have invested in offering players a real time gaming experience with their live dealers.

On the plus side as each and every Playtech powered casino is eager to expand their customer base there are some mind boggling bonus offers available at all of them, these have been put in place to allow you to not only get plenty more action from your gambling budget but also ensure you get more than a sporting chance of having a winning session, plus with the additional of casino comps you can earn even more free money by moving your gambling action online.

Below we have highlighted and reviewed our top rated online casinos which use the Playtech software platform, they have ticked all the right boxes in terms of a massive collection of casino games readily available at each one, we have checked thetime they take to pay winners and they score highly on this front and also in terms of casino bonuses, comps and on-going value for money via promotional offers you will not find more generous Playtech powered casinos than those listed below.

Playtech Casinos

As you play a variety of different online casinos powered by different software you will soon get a feel for which ones appeal to yourself, however one that features right at the top of most players lists of the best and most reliable of all casino software is Playtech, who have been supplying casino games of different descriptions, types and sorts for many, many years now and if you have never tried these software then it is safe to say you really have been missing out!

The thing what most players look for and demand from any online casino game they play is a guaranteed fair game, you can have the best bonuses, best looking games and a great customer support team but if the casino games do not payout regularly and offer everyone an equal chance of winning then it is pointless playing at such a site.

Playtech games are fair and completely random and they ensure this by not only thoroughly testing them out themselves but they also contact third party, completely independent companies to check each game to ensure that it play and pays exactly as it should, in terms of following the game play rules and they meet the expected return to player payout percentages over the long term.

Playtech Casino Payouts

Talking about Playtech payout percentages did you know that by playing their online casino games you are going to be getting much higher ones than you ever would at a land based casino or gambling venue? If you have been putting up with low payouts and paybacks then get yourself involved in online gambling sites powered by Playtech and you will instantly notice the different in the play time you get for your money.

When you first land on any playtech casino website you will instantly notice their huge new player sign up bonus, and this has been tailored in such a way that you will be able to claim it instantly and use it on the majority of casino games, check out their website for the terms and conditions of this welcome bonus offer which is one of the most generous Playtech Casino bonuses around by far!

They have been giving players a fully round online gambling experience for a number of years now and what players like the most about them is that when you have amassed a fair amount of comp points they let you redeem these yourself, instantly via their online cashiers interface, unlike other casinos that will only issue your comps and free chips weekly you can choose when you redeem them at the best online casino, and as the redemption rate is higher than most other casinos you will get plenty of extra casino chips for your action.

The games number in the hundreds at this online casino however should you have a thing for progressive slots then make sure you checkout those currently available here, as currently the jackpots look as it they are about to drop, and wouldn’t it make your day if you bagged one of those mega paying progressive jackpots!

Should you be the type of player who prefers Blackjack games then make sure you take a look at their Blackjack Switch game, this is like nothing you will have seen before as on each game you play you are dealt two hands, and you are legally allowed to swap cards from one hand to another to try and form two winning hands, the rules and payouts attached to this casino card games means it is one of the lowest house edge Blackjack games available anywhere online.

This new casino is also a multi language and multi currency casino and as such you can not only deposit and play in your home currency but you will be able to communicate with the customer support team in your home language also, making playing so much better an experience, as all of the game play buttons and instructions will also appear in whatever language you have chosen.

Casino #1 – One Playtech powered online casino that is making a big name for itself with European based casino players is the aptly names  this online casino, and when it comes to getting your hands on some of the biggest and best bonuses online you will be hard pressed to find a more generous casino than this one.

Their success is due in no small part due to how they give all of their players that special VIP treatment no matter what your level of play is, should you be a penny slot players or a high rolling Blackjack player not only will you find plenty of games to suit you will also get a personal VIP host whose soul task is to take very good care of you.

You will also benefit from rapid payouts, all to often we see online casinos dragging their feet when it comes to enduring players get paid their winnings in a timely fashion, and once you click that withdrawal button at this Playtech Casino your winnings will be being sent back to you with no nonsense or you having to jump through hoops!

Online Betting – We have just got enough time to tell you about another highend Playtech powered site that can always be relied on t deliver the goods in terms of fast payouts great games and no nonsense customer support and that site is the gambling venue who have been around for years seamlessly supplying players with the best the web has to offer.

As this casino is one of the oldest and most established casino powered by the industry leading Playtech software you are going to find that they are one of the first casinos to get all of the new games which Playtech release from time to time readily available to play, so if you like to play new games then make sure you sign up to recommended online casinos as they have plenty of them regularly appearing.

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Roulette Systems

There are hundreds if not thousands of betting systems used in the game of roulette. In fact online you will find site after site selling “guaranteed” winning systems that the seller proclaims cannot lose.
If you are a sane, level headed person you will know these claims are false.

No matter how convincing such a system may seem you should at all times remember the game of roulette has both a house edge and a maximum stakes level. These two facts ensure that in the long term the house will win and make a profit.
We shall now take a look at a few roulette betting systems and will show you how they work and list any possible pitfalls associated with using them.

Roulette – Martingale System

This is the worst betting system of all and the most well known. It can produce winning session after winning session but by playing it you stand the very good risk of wiping out you gaming bankroll.

The system is simple to use and understand, you simply pick one of the even money bets and place one chip on that betting option. If it wins, great you have doubled your money. If it loses then you need to move onto the next stage of the system.
The next stage after a losing bet is to double your initial wager, so after one loss you bet 2 chips, after two losses 4 chips, three losses 8 chips and so on.

You will see the risk of ruin element rising as you have to keep doubling your previous wager, and long runs of certain even money numbers can and always do occur.

If you are picking the numbers that are hitting then that’s all well and good but should you be losing your bankroll will reduce until either you simply don’t have enough funds left to make the next double money wager or you reach the table limit.

So in conclusion if you must play the Martingale system set yourself a stop limit and win limit, and once you reach either stop playing.

Roulette – Dozen and Square System

This is a system we have seen used and is quite fun if you pace yourself and set those all important win and loss stop limits. You will need 195 chips for this system and you raise your stakes after the third losing bet as opposed to the 2nd in a Martingale.

After a win you start again from stage one after a loss you move onto the next stage :

Stage 1 – Your first bet is 2 chips on the 1-12 dozen box and 1 chip on the 20,21,23,24 square. If the bet wins on your first spin, all is well and good and you have made a profit.

Stage 2 – If the first bet loses then you simply repeat the bet, should it win you are all level if one of the first dozen numbers appears or should a Square Bet number come in then you have made a 3 chip profit.

Stage 3 – If the 2nd bet loses once again you repeat the same bet (2 chips on the first dozen and 1 chip on the Square Bet), if the dozen bet wins you are from the 3 spins showing just a 3 chip loss should however a square bet number come in at this point you are all equal.

Stage 4 – If you have had 3 losing bets in a row then you need to start raising your stakes and as such the next bet will be 2 chips on the Square bet and 4 chips on the dozen bet. Should this bet lose you have so far a 15 chips loss, should however a dozen bet number appear you are showing a 3 chip loss should however a square bet number come in you will be 3 chips in profit.

Stage 5 – Four losing bets in a row means you now need to place 4 chips on the square bet and 8 chips on the dozen bet, a win one a dozen number means an overall 3 chip loss and a square bet win means a nice little profit of 9 chips. If a loss appears you are down 27 chips at this point.

Stage 6 – If you have lost on every spin made so far your next bet is now 8 chips on the square bet and 16 chips on the dozen bet. A win of the Dozen bet means overall a loss of just 3 chips and a square bet win locks in a 21 chip profit. A loss at this point put you 51 chips down.

Stage 7 – If the previous bet lost you now raise the stake to 16 chips on the square bet and 32 chips on the dozen bet. If the square bet wins you will be up 45 chips and a successful dozen bet will mean you are just 3 chips down.

Stage 8 – This is the final stage if all previous bets where losers then your final bet will be 32 chips on the square bet and 64 chips on the dozen bet. If you lose this bet you have wiped out your 192 chip bankroll and you should call it a day, should however the dozen bet spin in you are down overall just 3 chips, should however the square bet spin in you are in profit by some 93 chips.

Playing this system won’t mean you are going to win all the time but it can and often does lead to some exciting sessions, and with the square bet numbers being in effect your jackpot numbers when these start to appear as you raise through the stages you can often lock in some big profits. Also set yourself a realistic win stop level, and once you win that amount stop and end your session a winner.

Roulette Neighbor bets

A Neighbor bet is simply a bet that is placed on the neighboring numbers of a Straight Up number and in land based casinos this wager is made via a verbal instruction from the player to the Croupier.

To place a neighbor bet you have to realize that these neighbors are in reference to the roulette wheel layout and not the betting layout on the table.

The Neighbor bet will win if either your chosen number of either of the 2 numbers either side of this number is spun in.

That means you are covering 5 numbers in total

You can have more than 2 neighbors and this is done again by verbal instruction to the Croupier who will take you chips and place the appropriate wager section of the table, each wager is one chip in value so a 2 neighbor wager will cost 5 chips.

Below are the neighbor bets available (based on a neighbors bet of 2)

  • 1 bet placements are 1, 14, 16, 20 and 33
  • 2 bet placements are 2, 4, 17, 21 and 25
  • 3 bet placements are 0, 3, 12, 26 and 35
  • 4 bet placements are 2, 4, 15, 19 and 21
  • 5 bet placements are 5, 10, 16, 23 and 24
  • 6 bet placements are 6, 13, 17, 27 and 34
  • 7 bet placements are 7, 12, 18, 28 and 29
  • 8 bet placements are 8, 10, 11, 23 and 30
  • 9 bet placements are 9, 14, 18, 22 and 31
  • 10 bet placements are 5, 8, 10, 23 and 24
  • 11 bet placements are 8, 11, 13, 30 and 36
  • 12 bet placements are 3, 7, 12, 28 and 35
  • 13 bet placements are 6, 11, 13, 27 and 36
  • 14 bet placements are 1, 9, 14, 20 and 31
  • 15 bet placements are 0, 4, 15, 19 and 32
  • 16 bet placements are 1, 5, 16, 24 and 33
  • 17 bet placements are 2, 6, 17, 25 and 34
  • 18 bet placements are 7, 9, 18, 22 and 29
  • 19 bet placements are 4, 15, 19, 21 and 32
  • 20 bet placements are 1, 14, 20, 31 and 33
  • 21 bet placements are 2, 4, 19, 21 and 25
  • 22 bet placements are 9, 18, 22, 29 and 31
  • 23 bet placements are 5, 8, 10, 23 and 30
  • 24 bet placements are 5, 10, 16, 24 and 33
  • 25 bet placements are 2, 17, 21, 25 and 34
  • 26 bet placements are 0, 3, 26, 32 and 35
  • 27 bet placements are 6, 13, 27, 34 and 36
  • 28 bet placements are 7, 12, 28, 29 and 35
  • 29 bet placements are 7, 18, 22, 28 and 29
  • 30 bet placements are 8, 11, 23, 30 and 36
  • 31 bet placements are 9, 14, 20, 22 and 31
  • 32 bet placements are 0, 15, 19, 26 and 32
  • 33 bet placements are 1, 16, 20, 24 and 33
  • 34 bet placements are 6, 17, 25, 27 and 34
  • 35 bet placements are 3, 12, 26, 28 and 35
  • 36 bet placements are 11, 13, 27, 30 and 36

Roulette Random Numbers Bet

Are Roulette Game Numbers Random generated or Not?

The first thing you need to realize when you are playing roulette online is that you are going to be able to play a huge number of games in a shorter period of time that you would by playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

In land-based venues there is the usual hustle and bustle with the Croupier having to pay winning bets and clear losing ones, and with the software doing this in seconds as opposed to minutes then you will get to play much more games per hour.

By playing more games you will at times notice bigger streaks of numbers, both winning and losing and you shouldn’t become too concerned at this as it is to be expected.

Some lesser known online casino software providers have run roulette games that play like slot machines, and this means the game is set to payback a certain payout percentage instead of being totally random. Some have even rigged their roulette games to be unbeatable, and by doing so have ensured no matter what numbers you back they won’t hit!

The leading software providers however provide a 100% honest and fair game, and to give players total assurance of this they subscribe to a third party auditing firm who will each month or each year analyze the gaming data to ensure that every number generated and is indeed random.

The results of these audits can be found on the online casinos website, so make sure you keep your eyes out for them to make sure you are getting beyond any doubt a fair game of roulette.


Roulette Betting Options

There are 2 variants of roulette that we are going to be covering in our guide and these are the American version and the European version. To begin with we shall take a look at the type of betting options that are available on both tables.

The roulette wheel used in the American version of roulette has 38 numbered pockets ranging from 1 to 36 along with a single zero and a double zero.
A player may place his or her chips on several places on the layout, each bet placed will be a wager on a number or a group of numbers.

American Roulette

Single Number Bets

You can place chips on any single number including the zeros, you do this by simply piling your chips on top of the number you wish to bet on, if fellow players have already placed chips on that number simply add yours on top of theirs. This type of single number bet is more commonly know as a Straight Up bet.

In American roulette you will win, should your chosen single number bet come in an will be paid out at 35-1. I.E. if you bet a $1 chip on number 7 and it spins in then you will get $36 returned to you, this is made up of your initial $1 stake and $35 in winnings.

European Roulette

Straight-Up Bets

The difference between the American version and the European version is that where as the American version has 36 numbers and 2 zeros the European variant has 36 numbers and just one zero.

This means the expected payback percentages are slightly different on the European roulette table. A winning single number or Straight-Up bet will get paid out at 35-1 on European roulette, which is the same as one the American version yet with one less possible winning number.

So a savvy, educated player will always avoid playing on an American roulette table when there is an European one nearby.

Roulette – Split bet

A split bet is simply one bet covering 2 numbers, if you look at the roulette table layout you will see some numbers are next to each other, for example number 32 is next too 29, 31, 33, and 35 and by placing a chip or chips on the line separating any of these adjacent numbers (the split line) you will be betting that either of them will be spun in.

If you are successful and one of the 2 numbers comes in you will get paid out at odds of 17-1 on both the American and European versions.

Once again when you are placing this type of bet and another player has already placed chips on the split line simply add yours on top.

Roulette – Street bet

A Street Bet in roulette is simply a bet covering 3 numbers, if you look at the roulette table layout you will see the numbers are in rows, beginning with 1,2,3, and working its way upto 34,35,36.

By placing a wager on a Street Bet you are betting that any one of these 3 numbers in your chosen row will spin in. If you are successful you will get paid out at odds of 11-1.

To place a bet on the Street you must place your chips or chips on the outside line at the beginning of the row (if in doubt simply ask the Croupier who will be more than happy to help). This type of wager is also called a three-number bet

Roulette – Five Number Bet

A Five Number Bet is unique to an American roulette table and this bet covers the numbers 1,2,3 and both the double and single zero.

You will be paid out at odds of 6-1 should you have wagered on this option and one of the five numbers is spun in.

The Five Number Bet is however the worse bet you can make as it carries a house edge of 7.89%.

Roulette – Square Bet

This type of bet allows you to bet that any one of four possible numbers will be spun in.

To place a Square Bet you simply need to place a chip or chips on the center spot of your chosen 4 numbers.

An example of a Square Bet are the numbers 20,21,23,24. If you win this bet your payout is 8-1 on both the American and European versions.

Roulette – Six Number Bet

As the name suggests this type of wager covers 6 numbers, it is much like the Street Bet mentioned above however you are covering in effect two rows as opposed to one. Simply place your chips or chips on the outside line that covers you six chosen numbers.

The payouts of this bet is 5-1

Roulette – Column Bet

The roulette table is divided into 3 columns and by placing a wager in any of the boxes at the end of each column you are covering every number in your chosen column. You will be paid out at odds of 2-1 should any of these twelve numbers be spun in.

Roulette – Dozen Bet

You also have the option on betting on the “Dozens” the are the 3 groups of 12 numbers that make up the non zero digits on the table.

The 3 groups are 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. The payouts for the bet are the same as the column bets and all wining bets get 2-1.

Roulette – Even Money Bet

You also have 6 available even money bets and as such you can place wagers on whether you think the ball that spins in will be either Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36. The even money bets are the most common for players.


Progressive Roulette Games

You can now play roulette online as a progressive jackpot game, and this has proved to be a very popular version of roulette and one that players love, thanks to the fact that you can win a life changing amount of money totally at random!

We will now take a closer look at Microgamings Roulette Royale game that can be found in the gaming suite of any casino powered by this industry leader.

The game works just like a standard game of European single zero roulette but you are obligated to place a 1 chip wager on the jackpot side bet and it is this wager that gives you the potential to win the progressive jackpot or several other bonus amounts.

The progressive element is simple to understand and you will win the jackpot should any number appear five times in a row. The jackpot amount based on this fact can grow to some massive amounts but it can and is hit fairly regularly.

You can also win a bonus cash amount should a number be spun in twice, three times or four times in a row. A number appearing twice in a row will get you $15. Three times in a row and you will win $200 and four times in a row will win $5000.


Roulette Bonus

As you have come to expect the game of roulette when played online will offer you the ability to earn comps on each real money wager you make, and this can return for the bigger player especially quite a tidy sum over time.

One word of caution though once you join an online casino some sites make you join separately their comp or loyalty program, so make sure that you are a member before you start to play for real money or you will be missing out on this free money.

Bonuses should be treated carefully as some online casinos will allow you to play roulette with a new player or money match bonus and some outlaw it.

Check the terms and conditions in great detail as if you use a bonus on roulette and the casino classifies roulette as a disallowed game you will forfeit your winnings and the casino will void all action.

Just to confuse you even more in regard to bonuses, all casinos will make you play through your bonus and/or deposit amount a certain number of times before you can make a cash out and they will increase the number of times you have to play through this amount if you are playing roulette, so check and read the terms and conditions thoroughly until you are 100% sure you can play this game.


Online Roulette

If you are looking to play roulette online for fun and at no risk to your own personal funds, or maybe you are looking to try out a roulette wagering system then all online casinos will allow you to play for free once you have downloaded their software.
You are under no obligation to play for real money and the random number generators used in the free play games are in most cases exactly the same as the real money mode.

Classic Roulette is sadly declining in popularity, this is due to many casinos mainly land-based ones realizing that slot machines make much more money and require a lot less effort, and as such they are cutting back on roulette tables and filling the space with a bank or two of slots.

Surprisingly a lot of players deem roulette to be a complicated game to play and as such avoid playing it, when in reality it is easier than both slot machines and Keno! If you fall into this category of player then allow us through this guide to

explain the game of roulette, it variants and we will even throw in a couple of hints and tips for good measure!

Roulette Bets

To understand the game of online roulette you have to realize that it is a game of chance, there is no skill involved what so ever and the game of roulette has no memory. There is a wheel, a ball, the layout and a Croupier (the person who spins the wheel and pays winning bets and clears losing ones).

Should you wish to play you will need to purchase “chips” to play with, unlike at a Blackjack table where you use standard chips those used at a roulette table are color coded, and each player is allocated a color, this is simply so the house knows whose bet it whose.

The value of your chips are dependant on yourself, you can pick a value based on the minimum and maximum bet amounts which are indicated on a sign at the side of the wheel. Once you are armed with your chips you are ready to play.

Some sites also offer a flash powered no download version, this is played from with-in a web browser and is instantly available with nothing to download.
Should however you be looking for a bigger and better variety of roulette games, with crisp clear graphics and easy to use controls then we highly recommend you utilize a download package as they simply cannot be beaten.

We hope this guide to roulette has been of interest and we wish you the very best of luck in all your roulette gaming sessions whether they be online or at a land-based venue. Take your time when playing and don’t forget to claim your roulette comps at whichever site you choose to play at, you will be surprised at how quickly they add up.

Online Roulette Game

There is a whole world of difference between playing roulette at a landbased casino as opposed to playing at an online casino. With this in mind we will present to you a few points of interest and facts and figures that you may be interested in.

The first thing you need to know is that not all online casino software offers the same rules regarding how their roulette game plays so it is critical you check up on the game rules.

Some online casinos for example offer a version of European roulette that gives what is called an “en prison” rule. This means that should you have placed an even money bet and a zero is spun in then you receive either 50% of your stake back or the wager becomes imprisoned.

Once a bet is imprisoned, it must stay in place on the betting layout with the next spin of the wheel determining whether it is a winning or losing bet.

These additional rules help reduce the house edge so where ever possible you should look for and play at online casinos that offer this kind of rule.


Online Slot Machines

Most online casinos tend to shy away from publishing or making known the expected payout percentages of each particular slot. This is however not true of Rival who supply some 10 online casinos with the software needed to run their respective casinos.

So our next tip is for you to consult the help file on any particular slot machine you are wishing to play and review just how high or low this figure is, you maybe surprised at the results.

For example the Future Fortune slot which is a 5 reeled 20 payline slot plays very similar to the 5 Reel Circus Slot, the former pays out 99% and the latter 88%!

So as you can see you are just throwing your money away by playing the 5 Reel Circus, so always make sure you know the difference in paybacks or it could cost you dearly.

Slot Machine Payout Percentages

Each slot machine is set to payout a certain payout percentage, this varies from machine to machine and it is the layout and number of symbols on each real that will determine the expected payback.

This is simple maths based on the reels having a random chance of stopping anywhere. In basic terms if a slot machine had just one reel with 10 symbols of which 7 were winning symbols you would be expect to win 7 out of every 10 spins, and that machine would be expected to hit a payout percentage of 70%.

With most of the latest video slot machines having 5 reels and 30, 40 or even 50 symbols per reel with additional bonus features simply learning the reel symbol layouts won’t help you gain an advantage.

It will on the new breed of AWP or “Pub Fruity” type online slots that Microgaming have started to produce. Knowing what symbols are where will help greatly (once you hit a nudge feature) as you will know what symbol is in reach even if it is out of view.

Slot Machine Strategy

We have hopefully helped enlighten you in your quest to find the best  paying online slots, all that remains for us to do is give you a quick check strategy guide to enable you to get the maximum value out of all your online slot sessions.

1. Check the payout percentages of your slots and only play those in the very high 90% range.

2. Consider using a casino bonus to extend your session and increase your bankroll

3. Find an online casino that offers casino comps on all your real money slot action, these can and do quickly add up and allows you to swap the comp points for cash.

Have a good look around our website as all casinos listed here provide an excellent range of slots and you are free to take advantage of their new player sign-up bonuses. Good Luck!